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The Lost Vegas Battle 68

The Lost Vegas Battle 68

$ 25.95

We had filmed this LAST year 2019 when it got lost inside our servers, someone labeled it wrong.  Now released for you to enjoy!

Loki & Jarhead surprise Stallion in 2 against 1 that has Stallion in the FIGHT OF HIS LIFE! Asleep in his robe, Stallion is woken up dragged out of bed by Loki and the new rookie Jarhead, "Let's go! Get up!" Shoved back and forth, Loki pins Stallion's arms behind his back as Jarhead POUNDS his abs harder and harder with vicious gut punches! Stallion groans in pain as his robe is yanked off and tossed over his head. Completely blinded, the rookie jumps on Stallion's back with a sleeper and wraps his quads around his ribs. Stallion gasps for air as Jarhead SQUEEZES tighter and tighter dropping Stallion to his knees, "Caught you napping!" Desperate to escape, Stallion reaches around pulling the rookie to the floor with an over-the-shoulder takedown; his 265lbs of muscle landing on top of Jarhead CRUSHING him into the floor. Angry, Stallion breaks free rising to his feet ready for payback, "Both at one time? I'm up now; let's go!" Stallion charges in lifting Loki in a belly to belly bearhug SMACKING his glutes as he groans in pain. Jarhead locks in another sleeper helping Loki escape as Stallion's arm is YANKED behind his back. "Get him on his knees!" orders Loki. Struggling for air, Stallion is overpowered and crumbles to the floor as Jarhead SQUEEZES his bicep even tighter in the sleeper. His strength fading, the 265lbs Stallion goes limp passing out face first on the floor as the tag team flexes in victory. Jarhead PULLS Stallion's hair dropping his head on the ground waking him up for more torture. Loki drags the barely moving Stallion into a crippling camel clutch as Jarhead locks on a brutal Boston crab at the same time! Stallion groans in agony hanging mid-air; his back nearly broken before he's SLAMMED face first on the ground knocking him out! Loki and Jarhead flex their chiseled muscle as their victim wakes up full of rage. Stallion wraps his 20inch biceps around the tag team in a VISELIKE double headlock dragging them to their knees as they scream in pain and are thrown on the floor. "You wanna play rough?" threatens Stallion yanking Jarhead to his feet in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson swinging him side to side before tossing him down. Loki tries to dodge Stallion's stampede but is trapped in another crushing belly to belly bearhug! Jarhead charges in trying to help as Stallion lifts the 400lbs tag team in a DOUBLE BEARHUG shaking them up and down as they groan in agony and are launched onto the bed. His blood boiling, Stallion UNLEASHES his power with a double shoulder carry slamming Loki and Jarhead's abs harder and harder against his boulder shoulders! Struggling to breathe, the tag team collapses to the ground and is soon dragged to their feet for devastating DOUBLE CHOKELIFTS! The brutal fight continues as Jarhead and Loki work together to bring down Stallion. A massive tie up, upside down belly to back bearhug and crushing sleepers lead to a SHOCKING knock-out!