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Loki vs Amino - Rough & Ready 163

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Loki's nonchalant attitude clashes with Amino's aggressive attitude right away! When Amino lifts Loki in a bearhug, Loki has to show the rookie that he is not someone to take lightly! Loki whips Amino to the mat and slams on top of him mashing Amino into the mat. Amino attempts to counter but Loki's experience keeps Amino at bay. Amino begins to throw out hard gut punches and slaps to Loki's body to release the tension! 

Loki relents only to take Amino straight back down with a brutal full nelson! Amino fights but Loki wraps his legs around Amino's torso and squeezes with everything he has! Amino yells out in pain and Loki clamps down even harder! Loki begins to display big power moves to take Amino out! He lifts and slams Amino all over the mat while Amino slams Loki with gut punches and slaps to the body to get him to let go! 

Every move Loki locks in on Amino, Amino starts to beat on any body part he can find to try and make Loki let go! But Loki takes each move and cranks it further and further making it more and more painful! Amino is still fighting but he is beginning to become exhausted!

A turning point comes when Loki and Amino lock up in a test of strength! Loki bends Amino back in half before engulfing him in a bearhug! Amino holds his own against Loki's power and experience, but when Loki locks in a move, especially Loki's body scissors, Amino doesn't have an answer! Will Loki find a move that Amino can't escape from? Download NOW and find out!