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Loki vs Ashton89 - Vegas Battles 100

$ 25.95

Loki is furious that Mr. Mike is making him shave his beard. He decides to put his foot down and not shave his beard for filming. However, Mr. Mike sends in Ashton89 to enforce his "No beard for Loki" policy. However, Loki still refuses. Loki becomes more and more frustrated with Ashton89. Eventually telling him to take off his clothes because he is going to wrestle him, beard and all. The two studs take off their clothes while flexing and comparing muscles and body hair. The action starts when Loki pulls his trick of "show me your double bicep pose" and attacking from behind with a full nelson. Locked in an exchange between the lean muscle of Ashton89 and the massive size of Loki, the two fight back and forth using the entire bathroom as a weapon. Bending one another over the sink, filling the bathtub and attempting to dunk each other into the water, towels turned to stinging whips, and even washing their mouths with listerine against their wills. This matchup between tall, lean muscle and jacked, thick muscle will not disappoint.