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Loki vs Baby Herc - Mat Wars 166

$ 20.99
$ 31.59

Loki is not impressed with Baby Herc's physique and steps on the mat to show him how things go at Thunders Arena. Loki forcefully steps onto the mat, determined to showcase the unyielding brutality that awaits at Thunders Arena. Loki ensnares Baby Herc in a vice-like full nelson, his grip unyielding as he barks insults. Baby Herc manages to slip free, but it is only a fleeting respite.

Without mercy, Loki hoists the hapless rookie onto his shoulders in an unbreakable fireman's carry. With each bone-rattling bounce against his chiseled shoulders, Loki inflicts searing pain upon Baby Herc, visibly tormenting him. Then, he hurls him to the unforgiving mat, trapping the agonized Baby Herc in a bone-crushing figure four headlock. Despite Baby Herc's valiant struggles, Loki refuses to relinquish his grip on the defenseless rookie.

Feasting on his dominance, Loki flexes and flaunts his power. Summoning his remaining strength, Baby Herc stands with the 220 lbs behemoth, Loki, on his own shoulders. But Loki refuses to release his torturous hold. Squeezed between Loki's powerful quads, a standing head scissors constricts the lifeblood from the desperate rookie's face. Only when Loki finally relents does Baby Herc find respite.

Unrelenting, Loki extends his reign of brutality. Seizing Baby Herc from behind, he ensnares him in a suffocating sleeper hold. As the rookie's endurance wanes, Loki exhibits no mercy. It is a relentless onslaught of choke lifts, torture racks, back breakers, and sleeper holds. With each merciless move, Loki seeks to dominate and destroy, inflicting immeasurable agony upon the fresh-faced Baby Herc.

Engulfed in a Test of Strength, Baby Herc dares to challenge the seasoned veteran. But Loki, fueled by a desire to make an example of the rookie, unleashes a vicious torrent of punishment. Every bone-crushing blow and spine-bending maneuver threatens to rend Baby Herc injured. Will Baby Herc endure the unrelenting onslaught? Or will Loki dismantle him with unmitigated ferocity, leaving him broken and defeated, a chilling testament to his merciless dominance?