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Loki vs Blayne - Bodybuilder Battles 123

$ 34.75

"You know how I love spending my Saturdays? BREAKING in fresh meat!" Blayne sizes up the big man, "Loki? Why do they call you that?" The 220lbs muscle beast flexes his tree trunk quads, "I'm basically a god!" Blayne laughs, "A god? Your quads are godlike, but I have to see if you're a wrestler! That's how you're gonna cut it in Thunders; not how big your quads are!" The vet decides to teach Loki some moves and takes him down in a leg lift, "See if you can take me down!" Blayne BARRELS in, but the beast doesn't move pushing the lightweight off him and flexes his bulging biceps. "What are you doing? You haven't even taken me down yet?" "But these arms though!" A kick to the abs sends Loki into a rage lifting his victim in BACK-BREAKING bearhug. The vet gasps for air as the beast squeezes him with one arm and flexes the other, "So you don't know how to wrestle; you're gonna learn today!" Blayne gut punches the big man down to the mat and rolls him over in a tight banana split! Loki groans in pain but finally breaks away returning to his feet. The vet charges in again, but this time the beast is ready delivering an UPSIDE DOWN belly to back bearhug! Blayne screams in agony, "What are you gonna do to me? All the blood is running to my head. Please just drop me!" Loki delivers a devastating PILEDRIVER knocking Blayne out and flexes in victory over his broken body, "Is he dead?" Loki smacks the vet awake as he clutches his aching neck standing to his feet, "What happened?" The devious beast refuses to show mercy and picks up Blayne in another massive bearhug squeezing the air from his lungs. Time for revenge! The vet recovers lifting the 220 pounder in a shoulder carry SHAKING him up and down as he groans in pain, "Yeah big boy, that's payback!" Blayne slams the behemoth to the mat and mounts his abs struggling to pin down his powerful pythons. With their hands clenched tight, Loki begins PRESSING Blayne up and down in his viselike grip, "Might as well get a pump while we're here!" The vet breaks free dropping his knee into Loki's abs as he struggles to breathe then rolls him over for a brutal ab stretch and pec claw! Incredibly, the behemoth escapes, recovers, and picks up Blayne across his beefy chest CURLING him like a human barbell. "Put me down! I'm tired of you picking me up and flexing all over the mat!" A fire ignites inside the vet as he is dropped and takes the behemoth down with a vicious kick to the abs! Blayne rolls the beast into a crippling camel clutch, "Smile for all the fans you don't have!" The torture continues: pec claws, gut punches, cradle, body scissors, dragon sleeper, a SATURDAY NIGHT RIDE! Loki is in complete agony; his thick, beefy muscles powerless to stop the brutal beating. With the beast laid out on the mat, Blayne delivers a grueling ball and chain then picks up the behemoth and POWERBOMBS him nearly knocking him out! "Ready to go for another one?" Blayne reaches down as Loki surprises him with a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors! The vet's face is buried deep in the beast's tree trunk quads as he struggles to breathe! "Ready to give?" "I'll never give!" Loki squeezes tighter and tighter; Blayne barely escapes with a vicious rake to the eye! The behemoth sets up for one of his most powerful bearhugs yet. You will witness what it's like to be INSIDE A BEARHUG from the ground looking up! Mounds of muscle collide on top of you as Loki tries to break Blayne's ribs! "How much do you bench?" groans Blayne struggling to breathe. "Like four of you!" An ab stretch, ab claw, Boston crab, chokelift, crushing head scissors, this back and forth battle leads to UTTER DEVASTATION!