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Loki vs Brody - Mat Wars 181

$ 34.75

New recruit, Brody, stands next to Loki. Intimidation spread across his face, Brody is in for a long day wrestling the mighty, Loki! After Loki quickly shows Brody just how much bigger his muscles are than Brody's ,Loki snatches him up in a chest to chest bearhug! Loki slams Brody to the mat and sits on his chest. Loki wraps his hands around Brody's neck and squeezes harder and harder. Brody is tough and keeps on fighting against Loki's power. 

When Loki wraps Brody up in a body scissors and begins to clamp down, the agony flashes on Brody's face! He is helpless to whatever Loki wants to do to him. Loki slams Brody with gut punches next! It appears Brody is beginning to give in and enjoy the punishment Loki is dishing out. When Loki wraps Brody in a tight Full Nelson, Loki leaves a window of opportunity and Brody snags Loki into a brutal chicken wing cranking on Loki's shoulder over and over! 

Loki counters Brody and is back delivering punishing lift and carry moves like, torture racks, fireman's carry, and over the knee backbreakers! Brody can really take a beating and Loki will have to take this match to another level to finish the rookie off! What brutal tactics will Loki have to use to take out Brody?