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Loki vs Caesar - Vegas Battles 114

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

#1 Best Seller June 2021

Caesar walk out on the balcony where the mat is waiting. "Who the F^ck are you?" yells Loki from his balcony chair. The two flex off on the mat showing off each part of their amazing physiques. Loki decides he wants to get to the wrestling, which is why they are they. The two bodybuilders tie up and Loki gets Caesar into a chest to chest bearhug. He squeezes his ribs over and over before throwing him down on the mat. He jumps on top of him and gets in a camel clutch hold. Caesar gets in a shot on Loki and returns the favor. When Loki asks for help up, Caesar offers his hand only to send his knee directly into Loki's face (THIS KNEE WAS A HARD SHOT AND REAL). Loki is unphased and lifts Caesar up over his broad shoulders. He then flips him high over his head and straight onto his back (PAYBACK IS A B*TCH). Both guys continue to go at it using a vast arsenal of moves. Loki mostly maintains control throughout the match, but Caesar is no slouch on the mat. Caesar takes many moments to show off his ripped physique and wrestling prowess. At one point he lifts Loki over his shoulders and walk around the mat. He gets a couple impressive head scissors in that show off his chiseled abs and chest. But Loki is the veteran, and he takes no prisoners. The back and forth leads to a frustrated Loki pulling up Caesar in a powerful choke lift THREE TIMES! The power moves do not end there when he then puts Caesar on his shoulders and gorilla presses him even more times than he choke lifted him! But, is that enough to finish Caesar off? Or will he need to take it even further?