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Loki vs Caffrey - Vegas Battles 97

$ 25.95

Loki is sitting on the wrestling mat mixing his protein shake when Caffrey steps in. "Looks like chocolate milk." Loki begins to explain that it is a protein shake and that's why he is so much more muscular than Caffrey. Caffrey then hurls insults at Loki looking fat compared him. Loki points out that Caffrey can't even pose and tries to show him the ropes. This doesn't go well because Caffrey doesn't want to listen. This pisses off Loki and the match is on! Caffrey seems to be in over his head as Loki begins dominating him. The lean muscle stud plays it off like he can easily keep up with Loki. Full of stretches, submissions, power moves, bearhugs, pushups, and even a surprise appearance by Cason! Will Loki crush Thunders Arena's newest star, or will an upset pave the way for Caffrey to begin a run of his own?