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Loki vs Cash - Mat Wars 134

$ 31.25

Muscle, sweat, pain...things get HOT & HEAVY in this battle for the better body! A flex off has Loki and Cash comparing biceps, abs, and quads. "Are you vegan?" mocks the beefy Loki making fun of the smaller Cash. "I'm not in my prime, but I'll still whoop your ass!" threatens Cash. Playtime is over as the wrestlers tie up. Loki breaks away lifting Cash in an upside-down belly to back bearhug SQUEEZING Cash's skull between his tree-trunk quads. The blood rushing from his brain, Cash groans in pain collapsing to the mat and is picked up again for round two. "Want down?" taunts Loki PILEDRIVING Cash's skull into the ground. Barely moving, Cash is wrapped in a crushing head scissors as the dominant Loki rolls Cash over for an ARM-BREAKING hammerlock and tight leg sleeper! Cash gasps for air straining to escape the viselike grip but passes out. Loki flexes his rock-hard biceps and beefy muscle in victory as the devious Cash wakes up striking with a ball claw. "Whatever it takes to win!" taunts Cash. Loki crumbles to the mat in agony and is picked up in a powerful rear bearhug. His arms pinned to his sides, Loki struggles for air and is SHAKEN around barely escaping before slamming Cash to the ground in a fireman's carry. Down on the mat, the back-and-forth action gets even hotter with arm-bars, tight sleeper, arm and leg stretches, dirty trick, and an over-the-legs back breaker! Dripping with sweat, Loki and Cash struggle to their feet and exchange RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhugs fighting for control. The battle for the better body rages on with an ab-crushing shoulder carry, chokelift, bodyslam, over-the-knee back breaker, SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors, and vicious knockout!