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Loki vs Dom9 & Bull - Ring Wars 97

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

It's triple the muscle, TRIPLE the action as Dom9 goes to war with two muscle monsters! The duo stands in the ring eagerly waiting for their victim to arrive. "I feel like I beat you before? You're a little leaner. I'm not gonna lie; you were fat as s**t last time!" mocks Loki. "You think so? I think I would remember cuz I know I dropped you on your head!" taunts Bull. Laughter ensues as Dom9 arrives standing up to the giants. "What is this dominatrix? Are you here to wrestle or just watch?" asks Loki. "Where's your leash at?" mocks Bull. His blood BOILING, the leather-strapped beast doesn't back down, "I'm here to whoop y'alls a**!" In disbelief, Loki squares up with their small prey, "You think you could f*** with us?" as Bull LEVELS the arrogant beast with a meathook clothesline! "Is this f***ing two on one?" groans Dom Knight struggling to his feet. "You f*** him up; then I'll take him after you!" declares Loki. Tying up, the 260 pounder LAUNCHES the beast into the ropes for another clothesline and vicious hammerlock, "Let me show you how it's done!" His arm about to break, Dom9 is pushed into Loki for his turn, "I know how to do that move; I did it to you!" mocks the 220 pounder TWISTING his victim's arm back even harder. Pissed off, Dom9 breaks away shoving the duo around as Loki knocks him down with a clothesline of his own. Barely to his feet, the leather-strapped hunk is hoisted up across Loki's boulder shoulders and SHAKEN around as he struggles to breathe. "There you go!" coaches Bull licking his chops for his turn to go. "This guy's f***ing feisty dude! You want down?" taunts Loki dropping the meaty hunk to the mat tagging in Bull for his own fireman's carry. "You gotta get a little bit deeper with that squat!" coaches Bull; his struggling victim draped across his shredded frame then tossed down. Dom9 peels himself up barely to his knees as the ruthless heavyweight delivers a CRIPPLING camel clutch; his beefy frame stretched to its limits about to tear apart. "I feel like you need to get in there a little deeper. Let me show you how to do it!" Bull slams his victim's face into the mat rattling his brain as Loki takes over trying to one up him with a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab, "Really stretch the back out; it's like yoga class!" Dom9 screams in agony clawing the canvas as the competition for the best hold continues. "No, let me in! Stay down!" orders Bull with his Boston crab. "This two on one bulls**t! Get the f*** off me!" groans the beast stumbling to his feet. "We're not two on one; we're separate!" laughs Loki. "We're taking turns!" taunts Bull. Another grueling hammerlock leads straight into a NECK-SNAPPING full nelson. Pinned tight in Loki's powerful pythons, Bull HAMMERS away at Dom9's chiseled abs, "Send him this way!" Barely standing, the duo works together wiping him out with another meathook clothesline! "It takes both of y'all to f***ing beat me!" groans Dom9 laid out on his back. "No, it's just more fun this way!" laughs Bull. Loki takes over and ENGULFS their prey in his mounds of beefy muscle. A guillotine choke leads to a grueling dragon sleeper; the beast struggles to stay conscious under Loki's bulging bicep as Bull POUNDS his abs. "Shoulder press?" The 260 pounder grabs Dom9's legs as Loki grabs his shoulders lifting him up and down above their heads for a workout DROPPING him down nearly breaking his back. "Can't believe this dude thought he could f*** with us!" mocks Loki. The tag team begins flexing and comparing their massive frames. "That's like an average arm; this is a big arm!" declares Loki. "Big and average arm!" mocks Bull. Next is abs with Bull easily winning that round. "I'm off season; let's hit the most muscular!" challenges Loki comparing chests. Posing side by side, the tag team begins unraveling pushing each other out of the way. "I'm trying to show people what they actually want! They wanna see this, not this!" taunts Loki. "They wanna see abs!" says Bull. "Are you f***ing done comparing tits? I'm done with you beating me up!" Full of rage, Dom9 CHARGES in wrapping Bull in a tight full nelson as the heavyweight mocks his attempt, "My abs look good though, I'm waiting!" Pissed off, the master of pain UNLEASHES on the 260 pounder with knees to the ribs and a massive clothesline. "You gonna let him clown you like that?" laughs Loki. "Shut the f*** up!" orders the beast dragging the mountain of muscle to his feet picking him up across his chest. "Let's break your back; stretch you out a little bit!" An over-the-knee BACK BREAKER has Bull screaming in agony; his hulking frame powerless to escape. "You gonna let the little guy f*** you up like that?" taunts Loki. "Had enough? All you gotta do is say I quit!" Dom9 drives his elbow over and over DEEP into the giant's shredded abs as he cries out and is slammed down. "Like I said when I showed up; I'm here to whoop y'alls a**!" flexes Dom9. "Let's see it! Wanna take me on then?" challenges Loki as the two lock up. The master of pain wraps the beefy bodybuilder up in a CRUSHING full nelson as he groans in pain, "Why are you so feisty?" Knees to the abs and a vicious clothesline leave Loki wide open. "Talk s**t? I'll do you the same way!" Dom9 lifts the 220 pounder across his chest for an over-the-knee back breaker and ELBOWS his beefy abs as he screams in pain crumbling to the ring. "You were easier than him!" taunts Dom9 towering over Loki. "Did you hear that?" taunts Bull still laid out in the corner. "You can have him now; I'm done!" declares the master of pain. "Can't believe you let that little b**** f**k you up!" mocks Loki struggling to stand. "F*** me up? He said you were easier than me! You got punked out like a little b****!" mocks Bull. Their tag team officially ended; Bull and Loki battle it out to settle the score once and for all, leading to a SHOCKING end!