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Loki vs Eagle - Bodybuilder Battles 126

$ 18.99
$ 25.95

Prepare to feast your eyes as two slabs of BEEFY muscle try and rip each other apart! Both titans flex and compare their tree trunk quads and bulging biceps. "Brush off the dust; you look a little dusty!" mocks Eagle. "I think you need some work up there!" taunts Loki feeling the vet's pecs. "I'm doing alright. They seem pretty solid!" The pose off ends abruptly as Loki questions how Eagle got his name accusing him of going bald. Playtime is over as the muscle hunks tie up! Eagle breaks away lifting the beast in a powerful rear bearhug as he groans in pain, "That's raw power baby!" Loki is tossed to the mat but battles back with a brutal belly to belly bearhug of his own, "What did you say raw power?" Eagle struggles to breathe as Loki's pythons dig deep into his ribs, and he is thrown down. The vet stumbles to his feet and wrenches the beast's arm back in a vicious hammerlock forcing him to his knees. Eagle stalks his prey wrapping his tree trunk quads around his victim in a SKULL-CRUSHING standing head scissors! Loki screams in agony as the behemoth flexes tighter and tighter squeezing him like a vise! The muscle hunk is gassed but gets up and tries a distraction, "Let's see the biceps again. Show me what you got!" Eagle flexes a juicy double bicep when Loki surprises him with a tight full nelson launching him face first to the mat! The powerhouse locks in a grueling camel clutch as the vet cries out; his chiseled back STRETCHED to its limits! Loki drives Eagle's face into the mat, plants a knee on his back, and flexes in victory as he groans under the weight, "My back!" "You wanna come back up?" The devious tormentor yanks Eagle up into another vicious camel clutch before slamming him back down! "Let's see a push up!" taunts the 220 pounder as he DIGS his foot into the vet's back flexing his beefy biceps. Eagle grunts and groans straining to lift himself up, but he is powerless to move and forced to peel himself up from the mat clutching his aching back. "My turn!" A fire ignites inside the vet as he wraps his powerful pythons around Loki in a tight full nelson, slams him into the wall, and UNLOADS on his abs with brutal gut punches! The muscle hunk crumbles to the mat as Eagle rolls him over for a rib-cracking body scissors! Loki's face is pure torture. His hulking frame gasps for air as his insides are being obliterated, and he is barely able to stand. Both titans recover and set out to destroy each other limb by limb first engaging in an almost 2 minute HAMMERLOCK BATTLE! Their thick bulging biceps and boulder shoulders are stretched to the max as they try breaking each other's arms! Loki escapes and tries taking out the vet for good: full nelson, gut punches, a crushing body scissors. "How's that feel? Taste of your own medicine!" flexes Loki. "My ribs!" screams Eagle as he feverishly elbows the behemoth finally breaking the EXCRUCIATING hold! Both muscle hunks lay on the mat totally exhausted, but they won't quit. Loki is first to his feet wrapping Eagle in another powerful camel clutch. "No, not again! It's the worst!" screams the vet as his thick chest looks ready to split at any moment! A close up camera shot gives you full view of Loki's beefy chest, powerful pythons, and pulsating veins! Eagle is slammed down but recovers and retaliates with a surprise bearhug. The muscle beast groans in pain as his thick frame becomes limp in the massive embrace, and he collapses to the mat. "You're becoming light work bro!" challenges Eagle. "I outweigh you by like 40lbs!" groans Loki struggling to his feet. "I'm still winning though!" taunts the vet. The brutal battle continues: full nelsons, Boston crabs, camel clutches, a sleeper! Who will be left standing?