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Loki vs Eagle - Lightning Match 3

$ 34.75

DVD contains Lightning Matches 1, 2, 3

Eagle came into this ring match looking ABSOLUTELY SHREDDED and decides to put Loki in his place. The energy amps up quickly when Eagle lifts Loki in a brutal chest to chest bearhug annihilating his ribs! Eagle slings Loki over his massive shoulders and carries him around the ring. Loki throws some hard gut punches but they have no effect on Eagle! Payback comes when Eagle slams Loki upside down in the turnbuckle and launches his own gut punches on Loki! He then lifts Loki up dropping him into an over the knee backbreaker. Loki is getting pissed at this point, but Eagle doesn't care. He keeps talking smack and coming at Loki.

Loki gets Eagle in a tight full nelson trying to dislocate Eagle's shoulders! Eagle pushes back and slams his body to the turnbuckle smashing Loki and making him let go of his grip! Eagle has had enough of Loki and cranks up the intensity! He throws Loki clear across the ring leaving Loki on the ground yelling in pain. Eagle puts Loki over the middle rope and slams his knee into his back over and over! Loki drops to the mat helpless. Eagle drags Loki back to the ropes wrapping his massive legs around his head and squeezing harder and harder. Loki looks as if he is about to pass out, but does he have a second wind? Download today and find out which "Brother" is better!