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Loki vs Eagle - Vegas Battles 136

$ 34.75

Loki and Eagle flex off comparing how each other look compared to the last time they wrestled and then they waste no time tying up. Loki locks up Eagle in a tight full nelson stretching his chest and abs to the max! He twists him around and buries him in a chest to chest bearhug! Loki continues to control the match using his massive quads wrapped around Eagle's head. He squeezes over and over until Eagle's face turns beet red! Loki gets cocky and lets his guard down and Eagle nails him with a HARD gut punch! He then locks in a solid side headlock before shoving Loki down between his legs. Both muscle studs fight back and forth using fireman's carries, full nelsons, sleeper holds, camel clutch holds, boston crabs, and brutal chest to chest bearhugs! Loki eventually gains control wearing Eagle down with a tight body scissors. He lifts him up before dropping him down in a painful over the knee backbreaker. He makes full use of his powerful quads locking Eagle down in every way possible! Eagle will not go down that easily against his rival, however. An epic showdown would not be complete without a big power move finish! Who will gain bragging rights until the next time these superstars meet?