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Loki vs Heathen - Rough & Ready 164

$ 23.99
$ 31.59

Loki wastes no time tying up and getting to action with the new meat, Heathen. Heathen surprises Loki by wrapping him up in a belly to belly bearhug right away! Loki sees he is going to have pick up the intensity to stay in control of Heathen! Loki takes Heathen down wrapping his tree trunk legs around his torso and squeezing until Heathen is fighting for air! Loki snags Heathen up into a Fireman's carry and continues to constrict Heathen's oxygen any way he can.

Heathen counters and keeps up with Loki until Loki starts to crank in the submissions! Heathen is being tortured by Loki in chicken wings, sleeper holds, arm bar, and other torturous submissions! Loki's size and experience begin to show as he throws Heathen around the mat! Heathen counters and tries to lift Loki up into a power bomb and the air leaves the room. Will Heathen be able to pick up Loki and POWER BOMB HIM? 

Heathen snatches Loki off the mat into a tight chest to chest bearhug! Loki is reeling from Heathen's second wind. Heathen methodically locks in submission after submission forcing Loki to either tap or pass out from the pain!

Both bodybuilders see that submissions aren't going to be able to win this match. The big boys start using big power moves slamming and crushing each other for the win! Who has more power to finish this match?