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Loki vs Hero - Vegas Battles 74

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Get ready for non-stop action so INTENSE, filming had to stop! A silent Hero stands chest to chest with Loki sizing up his competition. Both wrestlers show off their rock-hard muscle in a flex off when a SMACK to the face sends Hero over the edge! "Think you're all tough, creepy and silent!" taunts Loki. A massive collision has Hero and Loki tying up exchanging powerful full nelsons fighting for control. Loki breaks away WRENCHING Hero's arm in a grueling chicken wing and drags him down for a scissor/sleeper combo. Gasping for air, Hero strains to escape flexing harder and harder as Loki SQUEEZES tight leaving both winded from the intense struggle. Back on their feet, the wrestlers lock up in a massive mercy challenge driving each other to their knees with their viselike grips. Loki strikes with a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug; his powerful pythons dig in deep as Hero crumbles to the mat. Laid out on his back, Hero struggles to breathe as Loki mounts Hero's chest pinning his arms down with his knees. His blood boiling, Hero recovers and wraps Loki in a tight sleeper YANKING his head side to side. The air rushing from his lungs, Loki collapses to his face as Hero delivers a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab so brutal, filming stopped! The match resumes with a silent Hero rolling Loki in a grueling banana split trying to tear him apart. Ready for payback, Loki unleashes his power with a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors and leg sleeper; his massive quads flexing tighter and tighter the more Hero screams. Loki continues his torture with a Boston crab, chops to the abs, brutal leg lock, and scissor/sleeper combo. Hero struggles to hold on as a BONE-SNAPPING armbar and leg stretch finally breaks his silence, "I give!" tapping out to the pain. "That's the first thing you said!" taunts Loki as the battle continues. Back on his feet, Hero SMASHES Loki's skull with a couch cushion nearly knocking him out and tries breaking Loki apart with a double chicken wing, elbow drop, leg drop, and smacks to the glutes. Loki may be down but not out as the action gets even HOTTER! A choke-lift, bulldog, fireman's carry, belly to back bearhug, and triangle choke ends in a heart-pounding knockout!