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Loki vs Jarhead - Vegas Battles 66

$ 31.25

The battle for MOST MUSCULAR pins rookie against bodybuilder in this brutal showdown! On the couch, an argument breaks out over who is bigger and stronger leading up to a jaw-dropping flex off. With neither side backing down, the wrestlers tie up in a massive mercy challenge; their biceps STRAIN under the intense pressure fighting for control. Jarhead overpowers the vet forcing him on his back on the couch as Loki delivers a RIB-CRACKING body scissors! Struggling to breathe, Jarhead releases his grip falling onto the couch as Loki SQUEEZES even tighter. The rookie begs for mercy, but the bodybuilder refuses to let go until he finally gives up. Wanting revenge, Jarhead springs to his feet for another grueling mercy challenge. His bulging biceps pumped to the max, Loki drags the arrogant rookie into a second CRUSHING body scissors, flexing as he screams in pain. Back on their feet, the 220lbs vet charges in lifting Jarhead in a BACK-BREAKING belly to belly bearhug. The air rushing from his lungs, the rookie is bent over backwards groaning in agony. "Ready to give yet?" Desperate to escape, Jarhead narrowly slides his hands down breaking Loki's grip and picks him up in a belly to belly bearhug of his own, "Who's the tough guy now?" Struggling to breathe, the bodybuilder starts to go limp but is dropped before passing out. Both muscle hunks catch their breath as the devious Loki offers a handshake WRENCHING the rookie's arm back in a vicious hammerlock. Groaning in pain, Jarhead is forced to his knees refusing to submit; his chest POUNDED over and over by meaty forearm blows as he collapses to the ground. Loki continues his torture wrapping his massive quads around his victim in a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors, "Try and break out!" Struggling to stay awake, Jarhead claws the vet's quads to escape, but it doesn't work as he's rolled face first on the ground finally breaking free. Still down, the rookie jumps on the bodybuilder's back wrapping his bicep around his throat in a tight sleeper. Loki struggles but stands up lifting the 180 pounder in the air SLAMMING him down nearly breaking his back! The bodybuilder begins doing push ups on top of Jarhead's chest and abs crushing him into the ground until a SURPRISE move helps him escape! A grueling sleeper, vicious choke, and some of the HARDEST gut punches you have ever seen lead up to a brutal knock out!