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Loki vs Joey King - Ring Wars 94

$ 25.95

"What the hell is this? You're in a pro-wrestling ring posing? I'm guessing you're just another bodybuilder wants to be a wrestler!" mocks Joey King interrupting the burly beast's posing practice. "I'm a pro-bodybuilder, obviously one notch up from a pro-wrestler! All these muscles, I'm twice as strong as you!" flexes Loki. "Pretty boy, just because you're twice as big as me doesn't mean you're twice as strong as me!" The titans quickly lock up in a massive mercy challenge; their bulging biceps strain as the behemoth overpowers the pro-wrestler DRIVING him to his knees! "Hold on, I didn't get to stretch and all that warm up s**t you did. Give me a second!" begs Joey halting the match. Loki continues flexing as the devious vet sneaks up from behind; a vicious forearm to the back sends him CRASHING into the ropes. "Now that we're done doing all this posing bulls**t, let me show you my world!" Joey yanks the muscle beast up by his hair and SLAMS him face first into the turnbuckle nearly knocking him out, "What's all that flexing doing now?" Dazed, the beefy bodybuilder suffers a sharp knee to the ribs as he groans in pain barely to his knees. "What did you say you were; two steps up from me?" taunts Joey King straddling his prey DROPPING his weight down on his meaty back. "Maybe just one!" moans Loki; his beefy frame dragged to his feet by the angry pro-wrestler. "I'm gonna knock you down a few pegs!" threatens Joey leveling the 220 pounder with a NECKBREAKER! Barely moving, the muscle beast coughs to catch his breath as the hairy hunk revels in his pain, "I know that hurt you cuz I felt your back crack!" Not letting up, the ruthless vet KICKS Loki's tree-trunk quads while he's down and lifts his leg driving his knee into the canvas! "Now remind me how much better are you than me?" asks Joey locking in a CRIPPLING camel clutch. "Just one, ok half a notch!" groans Loki; his beefy chest stretched to its limits as the vet yanks even harder! "Ok, we're even!" screams Loki. "I don't think so; I'm about to prove how uneven we are!" The hairy hunk slams his victim's face into the mat and drags him ringside STRETCHING the 220 pounder out between the ropes. "Come on tough guy, flex those abs for them now! Show off that big a** chest!" Loki groans in agony helpless to escape as the pro-wrestler HAMMERS away at his meaty chest, "I'm sick of you pretty boys coming in here using my s**t!" Struggling to stand, Joey delivers another brutal neckbreaker and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat, "Smile for the camera!" Gasping for air and powerless to escape, the behemoth goes limp and passes out. "Enjoy your nap?" Back on his feet and hungry for revenge, Loki barrels in with a massive fireman's carry violently SHAKING the wrestler across his boulder shoulders, "This is where the strength comes in; this is why I'm a notch better!" Joey King groans in pain collapsing to the mat as the 220 pounder pins him down with his foot on his chest. "See what happens when you're too small? You get stuck down there!" flexes Loki hoisting his prey up for a NECK-BREAKING full nelson and crushing rear bearhug. Struggling to breathe, the pro-wrestler is hurled into the turnbuckle where the behemoth POUNDS away at his furry abs. "You punch like a b****!" mocks Joey as the blows get even harder, and he's launched across the ring. Seething in anger, Loki wraps his tree-trunk quads around the vet in a RIB-CRACKING body scissors as he screams in pain barely escaping. "I need a break!" pleads the wrestler completely gassed. "This is why you're too weak to stand up, all this mass!" flexes the behemoth forcing Joey into the turnbuckle, RAMMING his abs with his boulder shoulder, and squeezing the air from his lungs in a grueling belly to belly bearhug! "My insides hurt; you may be a little stronger than I thought!" The brutal battle heats up: an overhead press, skull-splitting head scissors, a devastating MEATHOOK CLOTHESLINE nearly taking off one muscle hunk's head! Who will be left standing: pro-wrestler or the pro-bodybuilder?