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Loki vs Joey McCoy - Vegas Battles 116

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

This Special Edition Match is NOT what you have seen in the Video Vault! It also includes bloopers at the end!

Joey McCoy is relaxing on the balcony in a Vegas villa when Loki comes out. "You just relaxing in MY CHAIR?" Loki is upset that such a small guy is using his chair made for a large man. He takes it from McCoy. Loki bets him that if he can remove him from the chair he can have it back. McCoy attempts to pull him out which leads to Loki simply lifting the smaller wrestler up like a feather. Loki starts to measure McCoy up for a wrestling match. He easily lifts him up in a fireman's carry and takes him inside. He then slams him down on the carpet straight on his back. He puts one knee into McCoy's back and tells him to do a pushup. McCoy can't push up the 220 pound bodybuilder. Loki then goes to work easily disposing of McCoy. He starts using a camel clutch with McCoy groaning in agony. After slamming his face down, Loki easily picks McCoy up in an upside down bearhug squeezing the ribs of the tiny wrestler. Loki stalks his victim and locks in a brutal dragon sleeper then lifts McCoy over his shoulders and takes him to the wrestling mat. After dropping him down, Loki starts to stomp on his helpless wrestling toy. He slams into him then stands over him locking in a massive standing headscissors with his quads engulfing McCoy's head. Loki stands and flexes over his opponent talking smack, until Joey McCoy decides to fight back! He throws a straight fist into Loki's abs bending the muscle stud over in pain. He then hits him with another gut punch sending Loki to the mat. He jumps on his opportunity and puts Loki in a deep chicken wing arm hold. He makes a mistake by switching his body into a headlock allowing Loki to stand up with McCoy on his shoulders and more punishment and torture begins. He bounces McCoy up and down over his defined shoulders pushing his ribs in and out. He then throws him down and locks in a agonizing rear sleeper hold knocking McCoy out cold. Loki flexes until McCoy wakes up and jumps on him! McCoy climbs Loki trying to find a hold that will subdue the behemoth. He gets thrown over Loki's shoulders straight onto his back. Loki picks him up and walks him off the mat, and then GORILLA PRESSES HIM MULTIPLE TIMES before tossing him away like he weighs nothing! He then walks over and locks in a tight headscissors draining the air from McCoy. He pulls him up and gets in full nelson nearly pulling his shoulders out of socket. He then uses the couch as a weapon slamming McCoy's face into the cushions over and over. He then stands over McCoy and wraps his giant hands around McCoy's puny neck choking him out! He takes his sleeping victim and spreads him out before flexing for everyone at home! Like...come on...McCoy never even had a chance!