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Loki vs Mercury - Vegas Battles 69

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

It's put up or shut up in this INTENSE showdown! Angry, Loki confronts new rookie Mercury for talking trash behind his back and decides to teach him a painful lesson in respect! Flexing their rock-hard muscle, they argue over who is bigger and tie-up. Loki lifts Mercury in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug shaking him up and down as he groans in pain and is tossed down. "You still feeling tough?" taunts Loki. Both wrestlers wrench each other's arms back in tight hammerlocks and exchange NECK-BREAKING full nelsons! His veins pumped to the max, Mercury strains to flex out of the viselike grip as Loki wraps his bulging bicep around Mercury's throat with a sleeper. A power struggle begins as Loki drags the rookie to the mat SQUEEZING his bicep tighter and tighter. The air rushing from his lungs, Mercury becomes limp nearly passing out as Loki steps on his back flexing in victory. "Stay down!" orders Loki sitting on his victim's back. His blood boiling, Mercury does a push up LAUNCHING Loki off him ready for payback. Tying up again, Mercury lifts Loki up and down in a powerful rear bearhug as he gasps for air and is slammed on his face. "Who's talking now?" mocks Mercury DIGGING his foot in Loki's back while flexing. Loki slowly peels himself up from the mat struggling to catch his breath and charges in for a fireman's carry. In agony, Mercury is SHAKEN across Loki's boulder shoulders and dropped as the 210lbs Loki sits on his back. Full of rage, Mercury begins doing push-ups easily lifting the extra weight then picks Loki up in a shoulder carry SLAMMING him around threatening to throw him off the balcony! Groaning in pain, Loki is taken down as Mercury sits on his back for a little payback, but Loki does even more push-ups showing up the rookie. Back on their feet, Loki strikes with another CRUSHING belly to belly bearhug inching closer and closer to the balcony's edge! Mercury begs for mercy as Loki digs in deep. Struggling for air, Mercury crumbles to the mat but is yanked back up by his hair barely able to stand. Loki winds up and HAMMERS Mercury's chiseled abs over and over with vicious gut punches sending him crashing down. Loki's painful lesson in respect continues: GRINDING his fist into Mercury's calf, delivering a crippling camel clutch, and wrapping him up in a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors. The blood rushing from his brain, Mercury tries desperately to pry apart Loki's massive quads and finally breaks free completely winded. Mercury soon recovers and picks Loki up in a massive fireman's carry taking him down in the HARDEST slam of the match! Loki's back is nearly broken as Mercury drops to the mat and uses his powerful legs to full nelson Loki. The action gets even HOTTER in this trash talk battle as a crushing sleeper, grueling over-the-knee back breaker, and upside down belly to back bearhug forces one wrestler to shut up for good!