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Loki vs Mickey - Rough & Ready 159

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Introducing: Mickey 5'6" 160 lbs.

When Mickey gets Loki down and starts to crank on his neck a little too hard, Loki snaps and begins to manhandle the smaller Mickey! Loki yanks Mickey in a fireman's carry and throws him down! He locks his legs around Mickey's head and squeezes HARD! Mickey does not have the experience or muscle to break out from Loki's grip and takes more and more punishment.

Loki is dialed in on punishing Mickey now. He lifts him off the ground in a full nelson before lifting and smashing Mickey over his knee! Loki stands and decides to give Mickey another shot to wrestle him. The two wrestlers tie up and Mickey once again starts to go hard trying to impress Loki. Loki is not going to put up with that and flips Mickey to the mat! Loki locks in a deep sleeper hold, but Mickey shuffles back slamming himself and Loki into the concrete wall! Loki stumbles and falls with Mickey landing on top of him! Loki stands and an unusual flash of violence flashes across Loki's face! He grabs Mickey by the legs and bends it as far as it will go! Mickey yells in pain as it looks like Mickey's leg is going to snap in half! 

Mickey refuses to stay down and Loki keeps putting him on the mat telling him to stay down! When Mickey doesn't stay down, Loki puts him down with another brutal move!

Brutal Sleepers!

Tight Bearhugs!

Big Choke Lifts! 

Torturous Submissions!

...and a SIGNATURE, MASSIVE GORILLA PRESS (for reps!) from Loki!

Download Today and Witness it all!