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Run Time: 22 Minutes


Loki is practicing his flexing for his upcoming bodybuilding show when Phish steps on the mat like and annoying gnat buzzing around him. Loki is skeptical that Phish is an actual wrestler but he agrees to lock up with him anyway. They lock up and Loki has no problem pushing Phish straight into the mat! He plants a foot on him and Phish cannot move! Loki snatches him up and puts him in a firemans carry before slamming him down. Phish admires Loki's flexing before attacking him! He gets Loki to the mat and slamming him with forearms to the abs. Loki flips Phish over his shoulders and wraps him up in a small package. Phish counters brilliantly choking Loki with his ankles! Loki picks Phish up smashing him into the mat making him let go of the choke.

Loki flips Phish over locking in a brutal Camel Clutch until Phish bites him making him let go! This just pisses Loki off and Loki grabs Phish upside down bouncing him over his shoulders and then locking in a bearhug! Loki goes for the finish with a tombstone piledriver bouncing Phish's head off the mat! That is not enough punishment for Loki just yet. He wraps his massive legs around Phish's neck and nearly chokes him unconscious!

When Loki flexes over his defeated opponent, Phish comes out of nowhere like a Tasmanian devil! He pushes Loki against the wall and slams him with gut punches! Then Phish takes Loki down with a side headlock. But is Loki's size and strength just too much for Phish to overcome? Loki lifts Phish off the ground slamming him into the wall and flinging him in the air with a choke lift!

The climax of the match comes when Phish gets a bit cocky and mocks Loki's posing. An annoyed Loki goes for the kill with a massive gorilla press! Loki presses Phish multiple times displaying his sheer power and strength! Is that enough to finish off the tenacious Phish? Or will Loki have to take the punishment further?