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Loki vs Ryder - Mat Wars 180

$ 24.99
$ 32.95

Ryder comes at Loki AMPED UP! As soon as Ryder takes Loki's grip for a test of strength, you can see Ryder's eyes light up! He knows he found a worthy opponent on the wrestling mat! Loki shoves Ryder to the mat stretching his 6'5" frame as far as it will go.

Ryder is obviously in pain but he is not going to let Loki have all the fun! He stands up and locks Loki in a side headlock and slams his forearms into Loki's back. The thuds reverberate through the garage and Loki has had enough. He flings Ryder over his shoulders and flips him down slamming Ryder to the mat! Then he immediately cranks on Ryder's neck with a camel clutch. 

Ryder's height and length are giving Loki som trouble. Ryder stretches and contorts out of Loki's moves allowing him to lock in his own! But Loki's experience keeps Ryder's advantage at bay. Loki uses hard power moves like choke lifts and slams to keep delivering damage to Ryder.

As the match continues, the intensity climbs and the exhaustion sets in for both wrestlers. Loki slowly and methodically wears down Ryder and Ryder uses his height and reach to keep Loki at a distance. But how long can Ryder keep up with Loki? DOWNLOAD TODAY AND FIND OUT!