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Loki vs Scrappy - Mat Wars 111

Loki vs Scrappy - Mat Wars 111

$ 34.75

Scrappy flexes on the mat admiring his physique, "How can something so perfect and strong get old? Nobodies messing with this, just look at me!" Out of nowhere, a 220lbs RAGING BULL charges and clotheslines the vet. "What was that for?" Scrappy barely gets to his feet before he's taken out again, "My mat, who are you?" Pro bodybuilder turned wrestler Loki is out to prove he's a force to be reckoned with and delivers clothesline after clothesline. "Not so big now are ya?" "What's your deal man?" Scrappy gets up and shoves the muscle bull. BIG MISTAKE! Loki uses his meat hook hand and repeatedly chops the vet's chest, "Shut up, don't talk!" Scrappy groans in pain, clutches his aching pec, and flips Loki off. The muscle beast isn't about to be disrespected and locks in a sleeper. "Go to sleep!" Scrappy's muscle begin to slump as he passes out!
Loki slaps his victim awake and flexes his mountain of muscles. "My poses are better!" groans Scrappy. "Stop talking!" The behemoth plants his foot over the vet's mouth. Scrappy is being smothered and struggles to breathe! He releases the hold, yanks Scrappy's hair pulling him to his feet, and challenges him to a game of mercy. "I'll show you new guy. You can't make me stop talking!" Scrappy is brought to his knees in the beast's viselike grip. "Ready to shut up now?" Shockingly, Scrappy battles back forcing Loki to his knees and crushes his balls with his foot. The muscle titan screams in pain; his biceps begin to shake as he tries to keep his grip locked in, "Ok I give!" Scrappy helps the muscle giant to his feet lifting him in a massive front bearhug shaking him up and down. "You're lite for a big guy!" The beast is in agony as Scrappy SQUEEZES tighter and tighter parading him around the mat. "How's that back? You give?" Loki is dropped to the mat completely gassed. "You obviously don't know who Scrappy is!" The bodybuilder retaliates with a modified head scissor/arm bar combo. The muscle stud yells in pain and taps out, but that's not good enough for the rookie. "Say I quit! SAY IT! I can do this all day!" Scrappy groans under the pressure, "Ok, I give up!" 
Loki plants his foot on Scrappy's back flexing a double bicep. The devious rookie decides to torture his victim and sits on his back crushing him, "Just sit right here until you're done talking!" The vet struggles to breath under the beast's weight. Loki lays on Scrappy's back demanding he do a push up. The vet strains trying as hard as he can, but the muscle monster is unmovable. "Get off of me!" pleads Scrappy. The dominant beast shows mercy letting him go. It's now or never! Scrappy wraps his bicep around the muscle bull's neck in a sleeper, "Feel how tight that is!" Loki crumbles to his knees gasping for air as Scrappy demands he give up! RIB-CRUSHING body scissors, bearhugs, multiple GORILLA PRESSES! Will Scrappy be able to defeat the muscle beast, or will Loki follow through with his promise and shut Scrappy up for good?