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Loki vs Scrappy - Mat Wars 133

$ 27.95
$ 34.75

It's broken bones and cracked skulls in Loki and Scrappy's MOST BRUTAL matchup! The match begins mid-action with Loki picking up Scrappy's leg DRIVING his knee into the mat over and over as he screams in pain. Loki begins bending the leg trying to snap it as Scrappy claws the mat in pure agony. Barely to his feet, Scrappy is thrown face first into the wall as a full nelson battle erupts. Both wrestlers grunt and groan as Scrappy breaks away with a SWINGING NECK-BREAKER! Loki is dazed barely moving as Scrappy yanks Loki to his feet by his hair for a punch to the face and drop kick! Scrappy takes control bending Loki's leg and stomps Loki's skull. The injured Loki is picked up across Scrappy's chest and bodyslammed to the mat as Scrappy drives his knee over and over into Loki's skull then leg drops Loki's beefy pecs. Loki can barely breathe as Scrappy locks in a tight sleeper, but Loki struggles to his feet brought down with a massive clothesline. "You know not to mess with Scrappy! I'm the best; you understand that!" Scrappy straddles Loki's abs for a two-handed choke then continues his torture wrapping his leg around Loki's throat in a standing leg sleeper SQUEEZING the air from Loki's lungs. Pissed off, Loki escapes and charges in for an attack but is wrapped up in a powerful sleeper. His beefy muscles struggling for air, Loki crumbles to the mat nearly passing out but strains to his feet delivering a STONE COLD STUNNER to Scrappy! His jaw nearly broken, Scrappy stumbles to his feet charging in with a clothesline dropping Loki to the mat. A camel clutch/sleeper combo has Loki struggling to hold on. "Tap out!" orders Scrappy squeezing his bicep tighter around Loki's throat dropping his weight down on Loki's back. Scrappy continues his beating with a torturous bow-and-arrow stretch, knees to the back and skull, Boston crab, and tortuous leg locks. Loki screams in pain refusing to submit making Scrappy even angrier choking Loki into the wall with his foot and bare hands. Loki recovers and sets in motion his devious plan for revenge! Torturous leg locks, arm stretches, Boston crab, and meathook clothesline leads to screams of pain and a BREATH-TAKING finish!