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Loki vs Scrappy - Vegas Battle 78

$ 25.95

ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE as a night out in Vegas leads to a missing watch! Waking up, Scrappy can't find his watch and storms downstairs accusing Loki. "I don't have it!" yells Loki as the brutal interrogation begins. "Stop lying!" orders Scrappy delivering a vicious dirty trick. Loki screams in pain, shoves him away, and picks Scrappy up in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug slamming him to the mat. Struggling for air, Scrappy battles back with a fireman's carry shaking Loki around before taking him down. "I'm gonna have to beat it out of you!" threatens Scrappy as he mounts Loki's chest CHOKING him into the ground! Gasping for air, Loki tries desperately to pry apart Scrappy's grip nearly passing out. Back on his feet, Loki charges in with a fireman's carry, but Scrappy clamps on another dirty trick. Loki crumbles to his knees as Scrappy wraps him in a CRUSHING standing head scissors. "I didn't take your watch!" groans Loki; the intense pressure building as he stands up lifting Scrappy on his shoulders. High in the air, Scrappy panics and is POWERBOMBED to the mat nearly breaking his neck! The dominant Loki drags Scrappy to his feet, reaches between his legs, and picks Scrappy up by his groin. Howling in pain, Scrappy taps out and is slammed down as Loki flexes in victory; his veins pumped to the max. Loki continues his torture with a back-breaking Boston crab, brutal chicken wing, and SKULL-SPLITTING reverse head scissors. "Ready to give yet? I can't hear you!" taunts Loki; his tree-trunk quads squeeze tighter and tighter as Scrappy screams in agony forced to submit. Back on their feet, a shoving match ERUPTS as tempers flare over the missing watch. "Where's it at?" demands Scrappy. A crippling camel clutch, scissor/sleeper combo, leg stretch, chops to the chest, overhead press, and BREATH-TAKING bodysplashes leads to a torturous end as one wrestler begs for the punishment to stop! The truth about the missing watch is finally revealed!