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Loki vs Simpson part 2 - Vegas Battles 91

$ 34.75

Get ready for action so hot, so intense, Simpson exposes his deepest, darkest secret! A mouth-watering pose off has Simpson and Loki arguing over who is bigger. Not backing down, the beefy hunks decide on a squat challenge to see who can lift each other up more on their shoulders. Simpson and Loki strain until pure exhaustion then drop to the mat ready to battle! Loki wrenches Simpson's arm behind his back and drags him into a tight sleeper. Gasping for air, Simpson struggles to his feet and lifts the 210lbs Loki up on his back. Loki squeezes his rock-hard bicep tighter and tighter and forces Simpson to the mat for a crushing standing head scissors. Straining, Simpson powers out and lifts Loki in a torture rack shaking him up and down. Loki groans in pain and is slammed to his back as Simpson sinks in a vicious arm bar. Desperate, Loki plays dirty to get Simpson to release his hold and drags Simpson to the dining table shoving food down his throat! Simpson begins choking as the devious Loki clamps on a crippling camel clutch. The struggling Simpson barely escapes as the hot and heavy action picks up. Loki and Simpson roll around battling for control in cradles, pins, torturous stretches, and dirty tricks. Breathing hard and heavy, both wrestlers struggle to recover as Simpson's dark secret is finally revealed! All hell breaks loose as a chokelift, torture rack, scissors, sleeper, and brutal gut punches ends in a heart-stopping finish!