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Loki vs Simpson - Vegas Battles 70

$ 25.95
$ 31.25

Painful pins, takedowns, and RAW POWER...a new college wrestler is ready to tear up the competition! An argument over who is bigger has the rookie Simpson challenging Loki to a match SHOVING him to the mat. The wrestlers tie-up as Simpson charges in with a massive takedown. Loki nearly flies off the mat; his skull inches away from hitting the marble patio. "Too easy! Let's go again!" taunts Simpson as the wrestlers tie-up again for a second hard takedown. Pissed off, Loki springs to his feet pushing Simpson into the glass railing and POUNDS his abs harder and harder with brutal gut punches! "How's that college wrestling going for you now?" mocks Loki. Simpson gasps for air and is tossed down; his face crushed into the mat by Loki's foot before he is let go. Simpson slowly gets up barely on all fours as Loki straddles his ribs SQUEEZING Simpson between his massive quads. Screaming in pain, Simpson struggles to breathe and is rolled over in a grueling banana split! Loki CHOPS Simpson's abs harder and harder as Simpson strains to escape the tortuous hold. The veins in his chest about to burst, Simpson is forced to tap out barely moving. Hungry for payback, Simpson strikes with a takedown and mounts Loki's chest pinning him forwards and backwards before letting Loki go. The college wrestler tries to show Loki some moves in the referee's position, but Loki surprises him with a CRUSHING scissor/sleeper combo! Incredibly, Simpson stands to his feet carrying Loki on his back but soon crumbles to the mat desperately trying to break away. "It's in there deep now!" threatens Loki as Simpson becomes limp and passes out. Loki flexes in victory as Simpson soon wakes up full of rage. The college wrestler traps Loki in a DOUBLE ARMBAR and rolls him over pinning Loki upside down on his neck. Folded in half, Loki groans in pain until he is set free for another brutal pin; Simpson's quads wrapped tightly around Loki's skull. Loki soon recovers as Simpson gets down on his knees challenging Loki to tie-up holding one arm behind his back. Simpson overpowers Loki FLIPPING him onto his back and wraps Loki in a viselike headlock/armbar combo, "Submit, and I'll let you go!" Loki struggles but escapes wrapping his powerful quads around the rookie in a crushing head scissors and GRINDS his fist into Simpson's bicep as he screams in pain. Down on the mat, the wrestlers exchange tight belly to belly bearhugs. Simpson GATOR ROLLS Loki and mounts his abs pinning Loki down for a vicious titty twister! "You pissed me off now!" threatens Loki tossing the rookie off picking him up in a brutal fireman's carry. SLAMMED up and down, Simpson grows limp collapsing to the mat as Loki mounts his chest for a two-handed choke. Gasping for air, Simpson barely escapes as the brutal fight continues. A neck-breaking full nelson, blow to the face, tight cradle, choke lift, and crushing bearhug battle lead to a HEART-POUNDING finish!