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Loki vs Smash - Rough & Ready 161

$ 25.95

Muslces flexing and veins popping, both wrestlers are warmed up and ready to go! Loki takes control slamming Smash in an over the knee back breaker! Then he picks him up and slings him up in a Full Nelson! Smash is taking a lot of punishment and Loki is not holding back!

Loki slams on top of Smash sitting on his back shoving his face in the mat! Smash is in pain but using his chance to find an opportunity to strike! Loki wraps Smash into a head scissors and repeatedly slams his head. Smash is nearly passing out from the pain at this point, and Loki is on the warpath. He bends Smash over and flips into a banana split submission.

Loki gets stronger and stronger as the match goes on! He lifts Smash into a brutal chest to chest bearhug until Smash passes out and he drops him to the mat! In a surprising show of brutality, Smash hits Loki with a low blow sending him to the mat! He has no time to waste and locks in a rear sleeper hold! Loki begins to fade as Smash constricts his air flow more and more.

Smash now has some momentum as he works Loki over in painful fashion. Does Smash have enough in his bag of moves to take down the mighty Loki?