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Loki vs Stallion - Bodybuilder Battle 137

$ 31.25

"I feel like I'm on an episode of Jersey Shore. Where's your abs? Hitting the buffet a lot?" mocks Loki unimpressed with Thunder's newest 6'1" 250lbs heavyweight. "Oh yeah? How about I slam your a** you keep talking like that! Did you skip leg day? My baby sisters got legs like that!" taunts Stallion. Both goliaths CHEST BUMP each other out of the way; the sound of their beefy muscles smacking together can be heard across the room! Neither bodybuilder gives up an inch as they flex and compare their double biceps and monstrous chests. Loki begins poking the Italian giant's gorilla sized chest sending him into a rage, "Wanna stick your finger in there? Might break it off!" as the vet continues insulting his physique, "Pillsbury Doughboy, soft, pudgy!" Stallion snaps SMACKING Loki across the face and picks him up in a massive belly to belly bearhug! "I feel like I'm being squished against a giant marshmallow!" moans the vet gasping for air. "What was that? I can't hear you! Is that your spine?" The behemoth SQUEEZES tighter trying to break his bones before slamming Loki to the mat and choking him with his meaty forearm, "You ready? Lights out baby!" Stallion winds back and goes for a double forearm smash, but the vet quickly rolls out of the way delivering a powerful full nelson. "I'm actually a little bit impressed!" groans the Italian muscle giant as he struggles but finally flexes out tripping Loki to the mat for a brutal leg lock! "My leg!" screams the vet in EXCRUCIATING pain. "It's tiny; it's gonna snap easy like a freaking twig!" Stallion releases his hold flexing in victory as the beast stumbles to his feet mocking the behemoth. "This is muscle; that's hard!" flexes Loki admiring his own bulging bicep. A quick distraction has the vet hoisting the 250 pounder up in a massive fireman's carry SHAKING him up and down as he groans in agony! "So squishy up there! You're a heavy boy aren't ya?" Loki drops the behemoth to the mat knocking the wind out of him and sits on his chiseled back, "See if you can do some push ups, burn some calories. He's gonna get abs at the end of this!" Stallion easily lifts the 220 pounder up and down on his back as his rage builds, "When I get up from here, you're finished!" Back on his feet, the Italian muscle giant shows Loki what his real power can do: RIB-CRUSHING front and rear bearhugs, shoulder carry, stomp to the back, arm-breaking hammerlock, overhead presses! "You done talking? I can't here you anymore!" Stallion drags the motionless bodybuilder to his feet and wraps his powerful python around his skull in a VISELIKE headlock burying Loki's face deep into his beefy pec. "I'm distracted by this lavender smelling deodorant!" groans the vet fighting to stay conscious. "Be a shame if that pretty little head popped off that tiny little body!" Stallion squeezes tighter; when out of nowhere, Loki lifts the big man up and SLAMS him on his back breaking the torturous hold. The back and forth intense battle continues: powerful full nelson, massive fireman's carry, brutal blows to the chests, a SAMOAN DROP! "I'm gonna break you!" threatens Stallion. "I'd say the same, but you're too soft to break!" mocks Loki. Both muscle monsters rear back and COLLIDE like freight trains in one of the HOTTEST bearhug struggles you have ever seen! Who will be left standing?