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Loki vs Stallion - Water Wars 11

$ 29.99
$ 39.95

A car ride argument over where to eat turns into a brutal water war. Stallion and Loki drive around fighting over what to eat. "You look like you eat fish, shrimp, you're small! If you ate more steak, you'd be a better wrestler like me!" mocks Stallion. "I'm at least twice your size. You need learn how to drive!" yells Loki. Arriving at the house, both wrestlers have a bicep flex off arguing who is bigger. "Since you wouldn't decide where we were gonna eat and disrespected me; I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson!" threatens Stallion as both head to the pool. Pissed off, Loki SPEARS the 275lbs Stallion into the pool. The camera angle makes you feel in on the action! Dazed, Stallion is wrapped in a sleeper as the argument over food continues. His blood boiling, Stallion launches Loki in the pool with an over-the-shoulder takedown angry his shirt is soaking wet. "You pissed me off and disrespected me for the last time!" threatens Stallion wrapping his shirt around Loki's throat shoving him underwater. Loki gasps for air picked up in a shoulder carry and powerslammed to the bottom of the pool. Loki barely makes it out of the water and is chokelifted into the air wrapped in a tights scissor/sleeper combo on the pool step. "Look at you; you're nothing! I'm stronger; I'm better; I'm bigger than you!" mocks Stallion as Loki gasps for air under Stallion's power and passes out. Full of rage, Stallion wraps his meathook hands around Loki's throat CHOKING him down to the water deep before bringing him back up. The dominant Stallion lifts Loki across his shoulders in a torture rack shaking him up and down then lifts him in neck-breaking full nelson thrashing him around. Groaning in pain, Loki tries flexing out but can't break the viselike grip lifted up by his groin and slammed down. Barely moving, Loki is dragged to the stairs in a SKULL-SPLITTING head scissors; his face shoved underwater trying to escape. Winded, Loki begs for a break but Stallion won't let up delivering gut punches and blows to the face with Stallion's rock-hard bicep. The 275lbs mountain of muscle curls and lifts Loki across his gorilla size chest tossing him around the pool like a rag doll. Loki barely escapes out of the pool for a flying elbow drop stunning the big man and strains for a full nelson but can't connect jumping on Stallion's thick back with a sleeper and back stretch! "This is gains right here; you're just fat!" flexes Loki climbing out of the pool flying through the air but is caught in Stallion's arms. An over-the-knee back breaker has Stallion dunking Loki underwater desperate to escape. Incredibly, Loki breaks away with an over-the-shoulder throw, but Stallion charges in for a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Loki screams in pain as Stallion's pythons dig in deep tossing Loki across the pool. "That's what you get for talking back to Stallion baby, Thunder's biggest chest, biggest arms, 6'1" 275lbs of beef!" flexes Stallion; his juicy muscle inches from the camera. A double bicep flex has Stallion's back turned. Loki stands on Stallion's shoulders choking him with his feet, yanking his arms, and does BACKFLIP from Stallion's shoulders. Loki jumps on Stallion's shoulders with a leg scissor dragging the 275 pounder across the pool and sits on the pool's edge YANKING back Stallion's arms. Stallion groans in pain straining to eacape as a struggle begins dragging Stallion down to the water deep. Still dazed, Stallion struggles to recover as Loki climbs out and divebombs Stallion mid-air. Stallion is in trouble as kicks to the back/ribs and grueling back/neck/leg stretch have Stallion barely escaping with an over-the-shoulder throw. A quick break has Loki backflipping off Stallion's shoulders with the coolest camera angles you have ever seen! Loki battles back dragging Stallion to the bottom over and over in a tight sleeper. His eyes rolling back in his head, Stallion struggles to hold on barely escaping. A massive mercy challenge has both wrestlers fighting above and below the water; their bulging biceps straining under the intense pressure. A crushing head scissors, tight sleeper, powerbomb, gut punch, knee to the ribs, ball claw, and RKO has one wrestler sinking deep down for the count!