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Loki vs Steel - Custom Video Series 98

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

A secret plot for revenge includes chloroform, a leather strap, and TORTURE! Wanting payback from their last match, Loki storms in the Vegas suite with a leather strap looking for Steel, "Where you hiding huh?" Out of nowhere, a massive CLOTHESLINE from behind knocks Loki out cold! "You're not gonna sneak up on this; I knew you were coming!" flexes Steel. Loki recovers as Steel wraps the strap tight around his throat; the intense struggle has Loki's shredded muscles growing limp passing out. Steel wakes Loki up HAMMERING his chiseled abs with gut punches then picks Loki up in a crushing belly to back bearhug SQUEEZING every last breath from his lungs. "I ain't done with you, just starting to have some fun!" threatens Steel. Loki's torture continues with punches to the glutes and BLOWS to the face using Steel's fist and bulging bicep! His jaw nearly broken, Loki is dragged into a camel clutch/sleeper combo where he passes out from the unbearable pain. The dominant Steel forces his victim awake and uses his powerful pythons to BREAK Loki apart piece by piece: a tight full nelson, brutal gut punches, front and rear bearhugs. "You're a nice little piece of muscle to play with!" taunts Steel carrying around the motionless 215lbs Loki in his arms. Steel slams Loki down wrapping his tree-trunk quads around him in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors. Loki wakes up screaming in pain nearly passing out as Steel flexes his quads tighter and tighter. A devilish grin sweeps across Steel's face as he grabs a chloroformed rag and SMOTHERS Loki putting him to sleep. His blood boiling, Loki recovers and charges in lifting Steel in a crushing belly to belly bearhug, "Think you can chloroform me?" Steel groans in pain and is slammed down as Loki mounts his chest choking him into the mat! The brutal battle rages on as a fireman's carry, tight sleeper, gut punches, low blow, chloroform, and the leather strap end in a BREATH-TAKING finish!