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Loki vs Stevie - Vegas Battles 128

$ 25.95

Loki entertains the new guy Stevie's antics only for a short instance before tying him up and tossing him around the mat! He lifts Stevie in a brutal fireman's carry before throwing him to the mat and locking him up in a camel clutch nearly breaking him in half. But Stevie isn't going to go down without testing Loki! He fights back standing up with the bodybuilder on his back, but that doesn't last long. Stevie does not seem intimidated by Loki's stature and continues talking smack throughout the matchup. Loki displays his strength with power moves lifting Stevie upside down and dropping him with a TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER! Loki is not going to stop there and continues punishing his opponent. He uses his massive quads to squeeze Stevie's head like a watermelon! When Stevie is finally able to stand again, Loki forcefully lifts him up in a devastating choke lift! The air slowly drains from Stevie until Loki throws him down. A torture rack is next bending Stevie like a pretzel over Loki's broad shoulders. Stevie shows himself to be very durable and continues coming for more! A brutal over the knee backbreaker is next up on Loki's move list. WILL STEVIE EVER STAY DOWN? When he is still moving Loki drops down and locks in a rear sleeper on Stevie. Finally, Stevie seems to be down for the count! BUT IS HE? Without Loki expecting, Stevie hits him with a hard low blow! Both wrestlers fight it out on the mat stretching and pulling the other. Loki gets to his feet first and now it is time for punishment. Who does Stevie think he is? Loki pulls Stevie up by his hair and throws him up in a gorilla press! Stevie is slowly wearing down but still fighting back. Will Loki be able to put Stevie down for good?