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Loki vs Thor - Vegas Battles 129

$ 25.95

Loki and Thor lock up in the "MATCHUP OF THE CENTURY"! Loki immediately commands control of the match with a tight full nelson. Thor is not backing down and lifts Loki up over his massive shoulders! A battle of chest to chest bearhugs soon starts exhausting the muscles of both wrestlers. Loki eventually throws Thor to the mat and seals him to the ground in a schoolboy pin. Loki doesn't think that Thor is even worthy to be on the mat with him and tells him that. Thor gets angry and immediately stands up with Loki on his back! Every move that Loki has will not hurt Thor and he keeps coming back for more each time. With bearhugs, full nelsons, gut punches, sleeper holds, and pins each muscle god struggles to out wrestle the other! A test of strength shows who has more power! Loki follows up with a  brutal over the knee backbreaker and claws at the hard, sculpted pecs of Thor. Has Thor been beat already? Loki goes to work emasculating his opponent. Using leg scissors, bearhugs, full nelsons, more gut punches, and a massive torture rack he breaks Thor down. But Thor isn't going down easy! The rookie gets a second wind and starts to take the fight to Loki! But is this second wind a little too late? Loki wants to have the last laugh in this matchup of the century...But will he get it?