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Loki vs Van Acker - Vegas Battles 121

$ 31.25

Loki has had a long day of wrestling matches and is ready for a massage. He is on the table when Van Acker aka the masseuse walks in. He begins by messaging Loki's upper back. However, Loki doesn't think he knows what he is doing. The two begin to argue back and forth about what is going on until Loki loses his temper and jumps up from the table. He slams Van Acker down cranking his arm arm behind his back! He drops his elbow into Van's back repeatedly until he promises to do better. Loki lets him up and lays back on the table. Van then starts down on Loki's lower body. Loki asks a few questions about what is going on and Van is obviously uneducated about what he is doing. Van is tired of the questions and SPANKS Loki telling him to shut up! NOT SMART! Loki shoots up from the table and puts Van in a brutal ankle lock. He then flips him over digging his fist into his calf before SLAPPING HIS ASS VERY HARD! Van once again promises to do better and Loki climbs back on the table. The work begins on Loki's neck this time. Loki becomes angry once again and low blows Van sending him straight to the ground. Loki jumps on top of Van in a schoolboy pin and chokes him. Telling him he doesn't believe he went to school to do his massage and he is a liar. He flips him over into a vicious camel clutch and then smashes his face into the ground. Then he wraps his massive biceps around Van's throat in a rear sleeper hold. Loki continues his destruction path next with a tight chest to chest bearhug. Throwing him clear across the room, next come gut punches against the wall brutalizing Van's abs. Loki has had enough and is going to give Van one last try to massage him properly. Van works on Loki's pecs and quads next. When Van compares Loki to soft dough his insults went to far. He swiftly pulls Van's head down between his chiseled quads and squeezes! He keeps squeezing until Van passes clean out! He stands up and flexes before ordering Van to finish the massage. Van starts but he can longer help himself and he slaps Loki's ass. LOKI LOSES IT! He immediately lifts Van upside down draining all the blood to his head. He uses leg scissors to wear him down. He throws him across the room multiple times. He bends him clean in half. He uses a dragon sleeper to torture him. He lifts him up over his shoulders and tries to break his ribs! Will this be enough to make Van do the job right? A brutal ending leaves one wrestler laid out and the other unsatisfied.