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Ludwig vs Blayne in Halloween Havoc 2018

$ 31.59

Ludwig is back and at 240 lbs he looks massive next to Blayne at 165 lbs.

We want to thank Joe from Ringside at Skull Island Blog for this great review and description of the match!

"Ludwig has returned to Thunder's Arena with a bulked-up weightlifter's physique that makes him more boulder than human. But for Halloween he's dressed as corporate superhero Duffman in a costume that hides his body from his neck to his toes. Blayne doesn't like the costume. I don't like the costume either. Ludwig boasts he has a "six-pack of steel" (what I like to call a "hard-tub belly"), but he's hiding it in an unappealing Simpsons costume. Drawn by a mysterious mist swirling over the pool, the guys go outside and find themselves suddenly compelled to wrestle - Blayne determines to rip Ludwig's costume from his body.

The rip-and-strip battle puts Blayne's slim but muscular body to the test, taking on an opponent who outweighs him by 75 pounds. It takes Blayne six or seven minutes to do it, but at last he backs Ludwig to the wall and strips him down to a tee-tiny blue bikini. That he succeeds in this must be partly attributed to Ludwig's cumbersome costume. Ludwig now turns the tables and vows to strip off Blayne's pirate costume, apparently also under the influence of the strange Halloween mist hovering over the pool. It takes him about a minute to get the wannabe buccaneer down to the bare minimum.

The fight is not over. Low blows and gut punches and claw holds keep the competition more or less even. Astoundingly, Blayne gets the mountainous Ludwig in a fireman's carry, driving his shoulder into the big man's balls, and then dropping him like 500 pounds of dead weight. Somehow - maybe it's the magic mist - he holds his own against Ludwig for the next six or seven minutes in a close give-and-take contest to the end."