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Ludwig vs Cash in Halloween Havoc 2018

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Our fourth tale finds Ludwig in a more flattering outfit - the skimpy blue bikini he wore in the previous contest and a studded leather motorcycle vest. As he completes his push-ups, the sleeveless vest frames his big arms beautifully - each one roughly the size of a caveman's club. Someone gently rapping, rapping at the front door draws him away from his workout. It looks like it's Sleeveless Day in Central Florida because the cop at the door is also bare-armed and wearing blue square-cut trunks. The officer is responding to a report of "a disturbance" involving a "Caucasian male, hair down to here" - his hand indicating something similar to Ludwig's hairstyle. He asks to come in and immediately starts bossing Ludwig around.

Whether police officers routinely push their way into people's homes to evaluate the occupants' push-up form, I don't know, but if they looked as hot as Cash, I probably wouldn't mind. Cash has a hot working-man's body, the kind that makes my mouth water. This, in my mind, is the perfect wrestler's body - not slim-waisted, not soft-in-the middle, but sturdy and strong. Once his "uniform" comes off, it's easy to admire his bronze-red tan and lightly hairy chest. At 6', 200#, he's my ideal of a macho man.

Naturally, Cash and Ludwig must wrestle.  Besides the role-play and costumes, I'm not sure what this scenario has to do with Halloween, but I do like the idea of Ludwig as a Sons of Anarchy punk grappling with Cash as a domineering cop. The match aims for a rowdier level of roughhouse than I'm accustomed to seeing at the Arena, and I like what I see here. Ludwig and Cash fight hard and dirty, the advantage bouncing from one man to the other every few minutes. By the video's midpoint, the sheen of sweat further defines the officer's torso."