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Wrestler bulge Thunders arena

Ludwig vs Duke - Ring Wars 48

$ 30.00

What your about to see was filmed REAL!  These two male models/wrestlers really hate each other and fought each other and would NOT let the other one get a move on each other; fighting back hard not to look like a bitch on film.  It was so bad Mr. Mike was called in to break it up and tell them to knock it off or they both will get fired!  See what all the drama was about....


Ludwig is back!  The Germanic bodybuilder has returned to Thunder’s Arena to take on Duke in the ring!

Ludwig goes through a posing routine, showing off his hard-earned body in tiny blue trunks that CANNOT contain his glutes!  Enter Duke, in purple and yellow trunks, who also has an awesome physique!  Duke lifts his arms up for a double bicep pose, his peaks standing out in hi definition!  “Let’s see who is more superior” says Ludwig as he strikes a double bicep of his own.  Never fails – you put two muscle dudes together and you’ve got a competition on your hands!  Most Musculars, side chest, lat spreads – Ludwig is clearly loving showing off his body for the camera.  Duke changes position and walks in front of the German.  “You dare to step in front of me?”  Ludwig’s ego flares up and he gets in Duke’s face before whirling around and clamping on a rear choke!  Duke is fading as Ludwig demands his submission, but Duke refuses!  Ludwig casts him aside like yesterday’s news!  Back on their feet, the two engage in some more posing, but Ludwig wants to wrestle and punish Duke!  Ludwig flexes his bicep for Duke, inviting him to touch it – Duke responds by wrapping his MASSIVE arms around Ludwig’s chest and lifting him up for a CRUSHING bearhug!  A mutual bearhug contest ensues, but Duke gets mad and THROWS Ludwig to the canvas!

Duke manoeuvres Ludwig into the corner, charging in with Shoulder Barges to Mudwig’s midsection!  Duke manages to get out of the corner, tumbling away from Duke.  More flexing and Duke turns for a lat spread – Ludwig seizes his chance, shoving the unsuspecting bodybuilder into the corner and battering his abs!  Things get rougher as egos and tempers flare – Duke gets on top for a Schoolboy pin, but Ludwig throws him off, only to find himself trapped in Duke’s scissor / choke combo – Ludwig has no choice but to surrender!

Both men are back on their feet – “It’s time to eliminate you!”  Despite a submission, Ludwig is still confident and with surprising speed gets behind Duke for another choke!  Ludwig is determined to put the muscleman out – this time it’s Duke tapping out!  Duke has had enough of Ludwig’s agility and slows things down a notch by scooping Ludwig up and slamming him to the canvas!  BOSTON CRAB!!  Duke locks it in tight, lowering his muscular glutes onto Ludwig’s back – the German frantically taps the mat, giving in to the devastating hold!

This bodybuilder battle goes back and forth as the two musclehunks batter and punish each other!  Ludwig stretches Duke over the ropes, putting his body on full display for the camera!  Scissors, chokes, bearhugs, punches, slams, tests of strength and much more!  Will Ludwig suffer defeat in his return match?  Or will he make good on his promise to eliminate the blonde bodybuilder?  Knockout finish!  Add this Muscle match to your collection today!