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Ludwig vs Iceman18 - Vegas Battles 62

$ 30.00

"Every time I see you; you're wearing those pink girly trunks! Are those your signature Barbie underwear? mocks Ludwig. "Signature Barbie and Ken underwear!" flexes Iceman18 kissing his bicep on the couch. "You're looking a little soft to be a Ken. Are those Vegas muscles?" taunts the Norwegian destroyer grabbing his arm as a flex off begins. "See this; this is a mountain. You have hills, and I got mountains! I don't know how the hell you got in here, but you don't f***ing belong here! This is Iceman Palace!" A shoving match breaks out as Ludwig pushes the blonde beast down, "Think you're the most majestic man in this Iceman Palace? I think you're all show!" Pissed off, Iceman18 BARRELS in with a fireman's carry taking the behemoth to the bedroom and slams him on the bed. "That's the Iceman phone! What are you laughing at?" Mounting his prey, the blonde beast tries pinning him down with his knees but is overpowered and PRESSED up and down in the air! "No, it's Barbie's phone. Think you can invade my palace in Las Vegas!" threatens Ludwig. Standing on the bed, both titans lock up as Iceman18 is BODYSLAMMED down; his beefy frame mounted by the Norwegian giant flexing his bulging bicep in his face, "Get some real muscle worship lessons; this is a man!" Struggling for air, the vet grabs his captor's arms, "This is ok; this is great!" flexes Iceman18 powering out for a quick sleeper then SLAMS Ludwig's face deeper and deeper into the mattress stretching out his leg, "I don't know why you're on my bed still; let's throw you off!" Groaning in pain, Ludwig escapes with a vicious dirty trick and locks in a CRIPPLING camel clutch, "Just warming up!" His beefy frame stretched to its limits, the blonde hulk gets payback with a dirty trick of his own and SMOTHERS Ludwig with a pillow as he gasps for air nearly passing out. Climbing off the bed, Iceman18 flexes in victory; the angry behemoth in hot pursuit locks in a RIB-CRACKING belly to back bearhug, "Who's house is this?" His bones begin to splinter as he's forced up against the bed post held with an arm-breaking hammerlock, "It's mine, let me go!" Reveling in his pain, Ludwig declares, "I'm the greatest; this is my palace! You don't even got stamina!" Completely winded, Iceman18 is let go but retaliates with a dirty trick and rear bearhug SHAKING the Norwegian giant like a rag doll, "I could do this all day, and I'm gonna get the back too!" threatens the beast turning his victim over for a belly to belly bearhug! Their mounds of beefy muscle clenched tight together, a BEARHUG BATTLE erupts; both titans squeeze the life out of each other! "How many you got? You can't even get me off the ground; you're more of a peasant!" taunts Ludwig. "Is that right?" Furious, Iceman18 breaks away wrapping the big man's arm around the bed post trying to break it, "CRANKING on that shoulder, how does that feel?" Groaning in pain, the Norwegian destroyer breaks free leveling the vet with a knee to the gut and picks him up for an over-the-knee AB BREAKER as he crumbles to the floor. "Get off me!" pleads the blonde hulk struggling to breathe as the behemoth pins him down for a dirty trick and smacks his beefy glutes. Full of rage, Iceman18 delivers his own dirty trick and locks in a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors! Incredibly, Ludwig stands up in the torturous hold lifting the vet and slams him back on the bed for a dirty trick and crushing sleeper. "Just tap boy! If you're lucky, I'll let you sleep in the closet, waste of my time!" Refusing to submit, Iceman18's beefy frame begins to go limp, but he is let go for more torture. "You think you got it all, but you don't! Come on king!" taunts the blonde beast recovering with a face down body scissors SQUEEZING his victim with his quads of steel smacking his glutes. "I can take anything you dish out!" groans Ludwig struggling to breathe as he's pulled off the bed; his arms YANKED around the bed post for a brutal sleeper. "You don't deserve to sleep on my bed!" taunts Iceman18. The Norwegian destroyer seconds away from going lights out escapes, "Feeling a little dazed and confused!" as a vicious gut punch drops him down. A brutal battle on the floor begins: knee to the groin, gut punches, low blow, choking, dirty tricks. "Resistance is futile; beg for life!" orders Ludwig choking the vet with one hand. Breaking away, Iceman18 pins the behemoth down with an AGONIZING double pec claw, "Come on yield, submit to me now!" Both titans gasp for air in the intense struggle. "I never could submit to a little boy like you!" Barely moving, Iceman18 drags the 250 pounder to the bench sitting down for a SKULL-CRUSHING head scissors. Powerless to escape, his hulking frame begins to go limp as he taps out. "I knew you didn't have it in you! Give me that submit tap again!" Ludwig can barely tap a second time before fading to black. "Come in here in Iceman's Palace, unacceptable!" flexes the beast as his victim wakes up hungry for revenge! A crushing sleeper, brutal forearm to the back, devastating fireman's carry, and NECK-SNAPPING full nelson lead to one muscle hunk begging for mercy, "I can barely breathe!" Who will reign supreme in the Iceman Palace?