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Ludwig vs Jake - No Holds Barred 133

$ 30.00

Muscleboys, Mats and a whole lotta Mayhem!

“Dude, do you even train?”

The video opens on a super-ripped Jake posing and showing off his hard-earned muscle for the fans, as Ludwig looks on.  Both men clearly have second homes at the gym, but where Jake is ripped and tanned, Ludwig is thick muscle and obvious strength!  Ludwig starts right in on Jake’s comparative size.  Jake is incredulous – “You call this small?” Jake turns to the camera – “This wins shows, that wins hot-dog eating contests.”  Ludwig ups the trash talk, claiming he could pick Jake up with one arm and ‘toss him around like a rag doll!”  Jake just laughs as they compare physiques – he cranks down into a Most Muscular that will take your breath away!  Perhaps realising that he’s not easily going to get through Jake’s armour, Ludwig fires a cheap shot into the bodybuilder’s balls!  A stunned Jake is wide open as Ludwig seizes his opportunity and clamps on a rear bearhug, his this arms crushing the breath out of his prey!  Jake takes the pain, his lats providing some defence against the crushing power of Ludwig!  The German tosses him aside, but Jake is ready and charges right back in with a takedown, driving Ludwig down HARD to the mat!  Jake catches Ludwig in a tight cradle, before moving round and sitting on Ludwig’s face!  But Ludwig manages to flip them over, giving Jake an up close view of his powerful glutes.

Jake gets another takedown, pinning Ludwig to the mat by his pecs.  Jake shifts position, literally sitting on Ludwig’s chest and posing!  Ludwig can’t resist and starts feeling up Jake’s seriously impressive physique – you’ll definitely wish you could swap places with Ludwig!  But Jake gets distracted by the worship, giving Ludwig the chance to push him off and slap on a bodyscissor!  Jake’s abs are working overtime as Ludwig’s legs hold him in place – Ludwig saps further at Jake’s willpower, feeling up his pecs and biceps!  Jake doesn’t know whether to try and escape or surrender to the muscle worship – Ludwig makes the decision for him and releases the hold.  Jake gets to his feet, right into a choke lift!  Ludwig throws Jake to the mat and starts to flex for the camera – but Jake’s playing possum and fires a low blow into Ludwig’s balls!  The big man collapses to the mat as Jake mounts his back, working round into an impressive (and tight!) leg cradle!  Jake smothers Ludwig with his muscle, but the bigger man escapes and catches Jake in a crab.  The grappling gets even more intense as both men attack with everything they have – Jake using his muscle and technique, but Ludwig using his power to escape!  They throw each other all over the mat, each trying to get the advantage.  Jake manages to get on top, his ROCK-HARD pecs bulging as he chokes Ludwig hard!  But again, Ludwig manages to power out and the bodybuilder finds himself caught in Ludwig’s modified Leg Nelson!  Jake’s body is wide open and on full display, but a low blow turns the tables again!

This one goes right down to the wire – brutal chokes, pulverising headscissors, pec smothers and a whole lot of muscle worship make this a match you won’t soon forget!  Who comes out on top?  It almost doesn’t matter – you’re the winner in this one!