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Joey King Flaco Ludwig abs headlock

Ludwig vs Joey King, Slim and Flaco - Mat Rats 75

$ 15.00
$ 30.00

Mr Mike has enlisted Flaco and Slim, with Joey King, to take on a new recruit to Thunder’s Arena.  Joey, acting as the coach to Flaco and Slim, offers up some advice on how to be victorious in the match.  “He didn’t look that big in the pictures”, Flaco comments to Joey.  Joey is incredulous – “Are you serious?” Slim chime in – “Yeah, I reckon I could take him on my own”.  “Ok, let’s go do it.”

Wow.  If Ludwig looked small in his pictures, and a picture says a thousand words, then that picture lied!  The man is huge, with muscles bulging EVERYWHERE!  At 6’ 240lbs of solid muscle, Ludwig looks like he’d eat Slim and Flaco for breakfast and still go back for seconds!  Hailing from Munich, Germany, Ludwig oozes confidence as he flexes and poses his amazing physique – when he spies his opponents, he dismisses them saying “they’re no match – they’re going to be eradicated!”  Wow – Ludwig means business!  The German muscle machine goes back to flexing until Joey King can’t take it anymore.  “Why’s he flexing so much?!”  Joey tells Slim and Flaco to do everything he tells them to, but Slim is already distracted by some flexing of his own!  Ludwig is doing press-ups, his massive legs and glutes barely contained in his tiny blue trunks.  Flaco watches on as Ludwig switches to clapping press-ups, barely breaking a sweat!  Joey seems to be taking this personally as he orders Slim and Flaco to do press-ups as well.  Joey coaches Flaco, telling him to go in for a reverse bearhug on the musclehunk – instead, Flaco runs right into the waiting clutches of Ludwig’s huge arms!  Seriously, his arms are bigger than Flaco’s legs!  Ludwig crushes Flaco, then tosses him aside like yesterday’s news!  Slim takes his turn but fares little better as Ludwig squeezes his ribs.  Ludwig goes back to working on his posing as Joey tries to come up with a new battle plan for his proteges!  This time Joey advises them to go for Ludwig’s tree-trunk legs, to bring the giant muscleman to the mat!  Flaco again goes first but is unable to even move Ludwig’s redwood-esque thighs!  Ludwig is grinning as he thwarts everything that is thrown at him!  Flaco manages to clamp on a full nelson, but Ludwig flexes out of it, obliterating Flaco’s hold!  As if any more proof were needed, an impromptu pose off between Ludwig and Flaco (!) shows just how massively muscular the German is!

Finally, Coach Joey has had enough!  Stripping down to his trunks, Joey King decides to take on the Munich Muscle Machine himself!  He clamps on a rear bearhug, but Ludwig escapes and slaps one of his own on in return!  Slaim and Flaco are laughing on the sidelines – BIG MISTAKE!  An embarrassed Joey unleashes his rage on the hapless proteges – Joey crushes Flaco’s head in a headlock before wrenching a devastating full nelson on Slim!  Ludwig watches on, bouncing his pecs as Slim and Flaco are taught a lesson.  Can the Slim and Flaco get it together enough to defeat the rookie?  Or will Ludwig’s debut also be his first win?  Joey decides they should go all-in on a final triple-team charge!  Can the German withstand the force of THREE wrestlers?  Either way, a superstar is born!