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Ludwig vs Texas - Vegas Battles 64

$ 30.00

Get ready for muscle worship, dirty tricks, and action so intense, FILMING HAD TO STOP! "Did you ask to pet my dog?" yells Ludwig smacking the muscle hunk's hand out of the way. "Really, you care that much? It's a dog dude!" Texas continues petting the dog sending the Norwegian giant into a RAGE. "What did I say? I told you enough is enough petting my damn dog! This is my suite!" taunts Ludwig pushing the 225 pounder into the bedroom over and over. "You don't wanna do that!" threatens Texas EXPLODING with a tight rear bearhug, "I'm sorry I touched your dog. Damn, you're a big mother f***er! I can barely lift you off the ground!" Ludwig struggles to escape as the vet lets go grabbing two handfuls of his beefy pecs from behind, "Feel that chest, that's nice! My fingers get lost in that s**t!" The Norwegian behemoth flexes taunting his victim, "You like touching real muscle huh? That's what you fantasize about; you're just a little boy!" Breaking out, Texas YANKS the behemoth's arm between his own legs taking him down for a grueling stretch, "I can barely wrap my legs around you!" Ludwig toys with the smaller stud smacking his beefy glutes and breaks away for a RIB-CRACKING rear bearhug. "Put me down!" groans Texas struggling to breathe. "You gonna beg? Gonna stop petting my dog?" taunts the muscle hulk throwing his victim across the room flexing his beefy frame. "You're so much bigger than me!" groans the muscle hunk clutching his aching back. Things get down and dirty as both titans exchange vicious dirty tricks. Texas mounts the Norwegian giant pinning him down and feverishly worships his bulging biceps, "I will give it you; you got some nice f***ing arms, rock solid! Holy s**t!" With his prey distracted, Texas CLAMPS on a quick double pec claw then lets him up for another belly to belly bearhug! "Try bending with your legs!" taunts Ludwig as the muscle hunk squeezes tighter lifting him up and down. Barely winded, the behemoth breaks free and bearhugs the 225 pounder with one arm, "Like a little baby!" and SLAMS him on the bed. "These little biceps, that's what a real bicep looks like! You could only dream!" taunts Ludwig mounting Texas's abs flexing his bicep in his face letting him worship that muscle, "Those are nice!" "You ain't gonna be petting my dog anymore right? You learned your lesson, or do I gotta continue to kick your a**?" The behemoth stands on the bed and is taken down with a brutal dirty trick rolled over for a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab. "How's that feel? It's the only f***ing thing I can wrap my arms around!" taunts Texas as Ludwig groans in pain; his face buried deep in the mattress unable to move. Back on their feet, the Norwegian hammerlocks the muscle hunk's arms forcing him into the bathroom, WHIPS his beefy back with a towel, then wraps it around his throat, "That's how you're gonna go out? You don't have a choice or say in the matter anyway!" Gasping for air, Texas breaks free with a dirty trick and CHOKES the behemoth with the towel, but he feels nothing! "What the f***?" Desperate, he tries a full nelson but can't reach around the 250lbs muscle monster as he PINS Texas's arms against his beefy pecs and bends over lifting him on his back. "You're f***ing crazy; you're so big! I gotta get on that level!" admires Texas completely winded. "This is how you do a full nelson!" taunts Ludwig wrapping his powerful pythons around the vet forcing him to his knees and PUSHES his face into the sink turning on the water, "Clean yourself up!" mocks the behemoth toying with his prey as he wraps the towel around his throat. "Not again!" gasps Texas struggling to breathe as Ludwig SQUEEZES his pecs from behind harder and harder, "Had enough? Think about how long your body is gonna be in agony; no one to blame but yourself!" The muscle hunk crumbles down trying for a dirty trick but is DRAGGED along the bathroom floor straight into a sleeper/camel clutch combo! "You're crushing my windpipe!" begs Texas powerless to escape falling on his face. The mountain of muscle sits on his back flexing and pec bouncing his meaty chest as his victim wakes up. "Tired? Need another rinse?" "No more choking, no more!" pleads Texas as his bathroom torture continues: dirty trick, tight full nelson, a grueling CHOKELIFT! "Submit, accept the defeat!" Quickly fading to black, the muscle hunk feverishly taps stumbling back to the bedroom. "Think he learned his lesson not to be touching my dog!" flexes Ludwig. "Ahh my neck, you're a strong a** mother f***er!" A WAR breaks out on the sheets: grueling stretch, chop to the chest, elbows to the abs, dirty tricks, smacks to the glutes, a sit-down Boston crab. "You're BREAKING my back! I won't touch your dog!" screams Texas. "Stop playing games! You know you can't win!" Completely gassed, Texas submits and climbs off the bed, but it's all a ploy as he dives in for a shoulder tackle. Incredibly, the behemoth catches him in an UPSIDE DOWN GUILLOTINE CHOKE; his legs stick straight up in the air from the bed as the blood rushes to his brain! "Damn man, you took all my f***ing strength!" groans Texas barely moving on the bed as Ludwig pounces with a CRUSHING sleeper, "Tap one last time; you know it's over!" "No, let me out!" His face turning red, the muscle hunk narrowly escapes his impending doom. A final battle breaks out on the floor: SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors, over-the-knee back breaker, stomp to the groin, leg sleeper, and loads of dirty tricks! One muscle hunk is squeezed so hard in front and rear bearhugs; they become limp, and FILMING STOPS! How does it all end? You gotta see for yourself!