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lifted chock

Mack vs Scrappy with Viking - Vegas Battles 41

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

There's no better tanning weather than sunny Las Vegas! The 6'4" 260lbs mountain of muscle Mack is lounging on the rooftop soaking up the rays. Thunder's vet Scrappy walks out, "Get up, everyone's waiting on you for the game!" Mack interrupts him, "Don't disrespect me son, you know my tanning time is my tanning time!" Scrappy is persistent annoying the giant and uses his own words against him, "Let me tell you son, we're all waiting!" The muscle giant is PISSED and gets up from his chair, "I ain't nobody's son. Let daddy show you a little bit!" 

Mack lifts Scrappy in a massive FIREMAN'S CARRY and squats him with ease. "Put me down!" The giant is happy to obey and locks in an arm-breaking hammerlock and sleeper. Scrappy gasps for air! Mack chokelifts the vet then drops him down into a tight bearhug. "You're a big man!" groans Scrappy. He throws his victim into the pool. Scrappy climbs out to escape but is chokelifted and thrown back. Big Mack jumps in the pool; his massive muscles creating a title wave. The giant locks in a sleeper and begins dunking Scrappy to drown him! The underwater camera catches all the action! Another overhead press throw, the giant head scissors Scrappy with his TREE TRUNK quads!
 "It's a beautiful day for some tanning," Mack tans his legs as he's crushing Scrappy's skull! Another massive overhead press throw has the vet flying through the air! "Why can't we just watch the game?" pleads Scrappy. "It's the best time of day to get the best color!" Mack GUT PUNCHES and wraps his MEAT HOOK hands around the vet's throat. He chokelifts Scrappy up and down 3 times suffocating him on the way up and drowning him on the way down, TOTAL DOMINATION!
Mack climbs out and repeatedly lifts his victim in and out of the pool with chokelifts. Scrappy is gonna need neck surgery when this match is over! The giant locks in another head scissors. "Enjoy my tanning time a little bit! I'm nobody's son!" Scrappy struggles to breathe and is dropped back in the water. "We're gonna miss the game cuz of your stupid tanning time. My body hurts!" Mack flexes his pythons outside the pool and locks in a head scissors / hammer lock combo. "Please, please! I give!" Scrappy is completely gassed. 
Viking walks out, "What the hell are you doing? You were supposed to be downstairs 20 minutes ago." "I was trying to tan, and he disrespected me!" says Mack. "It's taken you this long to handle this little pipsqueak?" Viking elbow drops Scrappy in the pool. Both muscle giants deliver a DOUBLE CHOKESLAM into the water! Scrappy is in trouble. "You wanna handle your trash now?" Viking chokelifts Scrappy then delivers him to Mack who head scissors him again. The vet passes out! The muscle giants wake up their victim and pass him back and forth for head scissors! "You got sunscreen?" asks Mack, "What did you call me?" "Dick!" moans the vet. Mack chokelifts Scrappy until he passes out and carries him to the lounge chair. The behemoth sleepers Scrappy one more one time and uses the sunscreen to write "dick" on his chest! Lesson learned: NEVER mess with a 260 pound giant's tanning time! 

PS - this match is filmed in "webm" format which means you download the video after purchase THEN drag and drop the video file into any Chrome or Firefox web browser to view video after purchase and download.  The quality is ULTA HD and worth watching!  It's cutting edge best format we can deliver to you just remember to open the video file with your web browser Chrome or Firefox and watch it play.  

Will play on any iPhone or iPad or Android as well inside of a Chrome or Firefox web browser as well.