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Kevlar vs Hero - Bodybuilder Battle 162

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

"Oh s**t, all those muscles! You're the best of the best huh?" taunts Hero standing toe to toe with the new 6'5" 240lbs behemoth. "U.S. MARINES!" declares Kevlar. A flex off begins as both titans compare their quads of steel, beefy chests, and rock-hard biceps. "You wanna be the best of the best here; I suggest you listen and let me show you few things!" orders Hero teaching the rookie to lock up. "You got some strength! Anyone ever show you a chokehold?" asks the vet wrapping his bulging bicep around the giant's throat, "How's that feel?" "F*** you!" groans the marine gasping for air. "F*** me? I'm trying to show you!" Kevlar powers out retaliating with a vicious guillotine choke YANKING the 210 pounder up and down off the ground as he struggles to stay conscious. "That's good! Glad I'm teaching you; you will be the best!" coaches Hero narrowly escaping the giant's clutches. "I'm already the best!" taunts the behemoth. Rearing back, the shredded vet flies through the air for an attack but is caught in a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Kevlar's powerful pythons dig in deep as he screams in pain collapsing to the mat. "My turn!" Full of rage, the muscle beast recovers and barrels in with a belly to belly of his own SHAKING the 240lbs giant before slamming him on his back. "That's a bearhug!" flexes Hero, "Get up!" Still winded, the marine struggles to his feet surprising the vet with a NECK-BREAKING full nelson, "You like that? Who's the best?" His chiseled frame stretched to its limits ready to rip apart, the vet groans in pain powerless to escape, "That's not bad! Who's the best? You're looking at him!" Kevlar releases his hold as a massive mercy challenge soon erupts. Both titans drop to their knees under the intense pressure; their beefy pecs pressed tight together as they try SNAPPING each other's arms off! "You're strong; I'll give you that!" groans Hero; the test of strength ending with both completely gassed. "I'm about to show you why marines are the best!" taunts Kevlar HAMMERING away on the vet's shredded abs with brutal gut punches. "You don't get abs of steel like this without taking a few gut shots! Let me show you!" taunts Hero striking back LEVELING the 240 pounder with abs shots of his own. "You cheat; you used your f***ing knuckle!" moans the giant. "You can't be a big crybaby about things!" mocks Hero unleashing his power on the wounded rookie: crippling camel clutch, half nelson/sleeper combo, a SKULL-SPLITTING standing head scissors using his quads of steel. Incredibly, the 6'5" marine stands up in the torturous hold as panic sweeps across the vet's face, "Put me down!" before he's SLAMMED on his skull. Dazed, Kevlar wraps his 20 inch bicep around Hero's throat and falls backwards pulling him on top of his rock-hard frame, "How you like that huh?" Fading to black, the shredded vet barely escapes DRIVING his elbows deep into the giant's ribs and retaliates with a vicious scissor/sleeper combo, "I don't hear you talking now!" Blood rushing from his brain, the muscle monster powers out, yanks his prey to his feet, and wraps his meathook hands around his throat for a DEVASTATING chokelift! Gasping for air, Hero crumbles to the mat barely conscious. "Get up!" orders Kevlar ready for war. Brutal gut punches, an over-the-shoulder slam, and BONE-SPLINTERING arm bar have the vet screaming in pain, "I only got two of these; you gotta take it easy on me!" His cries for mercy only fuel the marine's rage as he digs his knee in his victim's chiseled back, yanks his arms nearly out of socket, and delivers a brutal body scisssors. "You're crushing me!" begs Hero; his ribs PULVERIZED by the giant's tree-trunk quads before escaping with a sharp elbow. His blood boiling, Hero climbs on top the behemoth pinning him down and starts doing push ups; his rock-hard frame CRUSHING the 240 pounder into the ground before he is launched across the arena! "That's some power you got!" groans Hero wrapped up in a powerful full nelson and dragon sleeper. "Too strong for ya? How's that bicep feel?" taunts Kevlar PUMMELING his victim's washboard abs. Gasping for air, Hero becomes limp collapsing to the mat and is picked up in a vicious belly to belly bearhug SHAKEN like a rag doll. "You're so strong!" moans the vet barely breathing lifted in another grueling chokelift! "Yeah, how about this?" taunts the behemoth. You think it's all over, but the brutal battle continues. A vicious leg sleeper, head scissor, gut punches, elbow drops, scissor/sleeper combo, and back-breaking Boston crab lead to a final BONE-CHILLING promise, "I'm gonna make sure you don't wake up from this; gonna choke all the life out of you!"