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Kevlar vs Scrappy - Bodybuilder Battle 165

$ 31.25

"Who the f**k is gonna step in here and challenge this huh?" flexes Scrappy; his bulging biceps freshly pumped from a push ups warmup. PANIC sweeps across his face as a 6'5" muscle monster enters the arena standing toe to toe with the vet. "You can't be my competitor; I barely go up to your neck. I f**king hate big guys!" A brutal gut punch LEVELS the 240 pounder as he struggles to catch his breath barely on his knees. "Welcome to Thunders, first rule is always f**king be prepared!" taunts Scrappy wrapping the behemoth in a tight full nelson before SLAMMING him on the mat. Rage coursing through his veins, Kevlar gets up hoisting the tiny vet across his boulder shoulders in a massive fireman's carry SHAKING him like a rag doll as he groans in pain, "F**k, I haven't been this high; don't break me please!" "You like being up there?" taunts the giant hurling his victim to the ground then dragging him into a RIB-CRACKING belly to belly bearhug. Kevlar's 20 inch pythons dig in deep sucking every last breath from his lungs as he becomes limp in the powerful embrace. "Ahh, you're strong! I give; I give!" screams Scrappy; the pain UNBEARABLE as he collapses to the mat, "I've had it with you big f**kers coming in here thinking you run the place!" Showing no mercy, the muscle monster wraps his powerful pythons around the vet in a NECK-BREAKING full nelson before driving his skull into the ground. "F**k you!" flexes Kevlar towering over the barely conscious muscle hunk. "Gonna flex on my mat?" yells Scrappy dropping the 240lbs giant to his knees with a vicious low blow rolling him into a BONE-SHATTERING arm bar/scissors combo. "My shoulder!" groans the behemoth; his arm nearly ripped from its socket. "This is Scrappy's mat; he's the only one who should be flexing on it!" Desperate, a sharp elbow to the ribs helps Kevlar escape, wrapping the arrogant vet in a grueling dragon sleeper. Powerless to break free, Scrappy's chiseled abs are HAMMERED away with brutal gut punches. "Who's mat is this?" taunts the rock-hard marine slamming his prey on the back of his skull. The DEAFENING thud sends shockwaves through the arena as the muscle hunk's eyes roll to the back of his head nearly passing out! A massive tie up has both titans CRUMBLING to their knees from the intense struggle. Winded, the vet strains trying to roll the behemoth into a cradle, but he is too big, striking with another brutal gut punch! "You're gonna be the last big dude come in here thinking you own the place!" threatens Scrappy flexing over the big man. His blood boiling, Kevlar battles back driving his knee deep into the vet's back and tries RIPPING his arms off, "How those shoulders feel?" Horrific screams fill the arena as the agonizing stretch has the vet collapsing to the mat barely moving. "Let's see that pose. Nice, a lot of f**king muscle right there!" admires Scrappy distracting the naive rookie; a SUCKER PUNCH to the abs dropping him down. Kevlar's torture is just beginning: double hammerlock, brutal Boston crab, crushing rear bearhug, a DOUBLE LEG DROP! "Scrappy handling the giant!" laughs the vet. "I've been going easy on you!" threatens the marine struggling to his feet. The 240 pounder unleashes his power: a devastating chokelift, back-breaking belly to belly bearhug, RIB-SHATTERING body scissors with his tree-trunk quads. "You're crushing me!" screams Scrappy. "I'm not even trying; too easy!" taunts the muscle monster doing sit ups in the brutal hold before letting him go. Kevlar lifts the 165lbs vet across his gorilla size chest CURLING him up and down before dropping him on his back, "This is my mat!" "Bring it b****! Come on!" challenges Scrappy. Exploding in a fit of rage, the marine tries ripping his tiny prey apart limb by limb: gut punches, vicious sleeper, guillotine choke, massive shoulder carry, grueling arm-bar, a cradle so TIGHT he is eating his knees! "Take it easy man, please!" screams the broken vet; his cries for mercy only fueling the behemoth's power. "I'm not done working my arms out yet!" threatens Kevlar curling the lightweight again then lifting him with ONE ARM while flexing! Scrappy is struggling, but does the devious vet have a surprise up his sleeve? A guillotine choke, powerful belly to belly bearhug, vicious chokelift, and JAW-DROPPING back breaker lead to a brutal end in this big vs little matchup!