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Marco Adam Bryant muscle worship pecs chest tattoos avs

Marco vs Adam Bryant - No Holds Barred 63

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

#1 Bestseller May 2016

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a photographer at a Thunder’s match?  You’re about to find out…

Marco, looking huge and ripped, and newcomer Adam Bryant are on the mat, comparing abs.  Marco clearly loves the attention, popping a massive bicep, flexing his obliques and tensing his rock-hard quads before turning to show his calves and stunning glutes! The two men lock up, both jockeying for position as they drop to the mat.  Adam can’t keep his hands off the amazing physique of Marco!  A takedown go-behind has Adam trapped!  Marco flexes and shows off his body before wrapping his huge legs around Adam’s head – Adam wants to be anywhere but there!  Marco underestimates his foe as Adam manages to slip out of the monstrous vice and catch Marco in a leg hold of his own!

Marco again uses his body to distract the impressed Adam, but the new guy isn’t stupid – he goes along with it until he uses Marco’s ego against him and lifts him off the ground in a rear bearhug!  Turnabout is fair play as Marco pulls the same trick, adding a twist of his own – a nasty BALL CLAW! The two lock up again with Adam ending up trapped on his back in Marco’s sitting folding press!  Marco again goes for Adam’s crotch, reminding the rookie why this is called a No Holds Barred match!  Adam manages to catch Marco in a headscissors of his own, giving the bodybuilder a taste of what his legs can do!  In desperation, Marco AGAIN goes for Adam’s crotch!  Marco is brutalising the rookie’s manhood!  Marco shows he is a master of mat psychology as he folds his man up like a pretzel, but flexes his incredible muscle to make his victim forget he’s being worn down!  Before he realises what’s happening, Adam finds himself caught in Marco’s signature schoolboy pin, with yet another ball claw and an up-close and very personal view of the body beautiful!

A cheeky (!) bearhug has Marco in pain and begging!  The two grapple hard, Marco’s experience being matched by Adam’s rookie enthusiasm.  Adam is a fast learner, trapping Marco in his own moves!  Marco gets a face full of Adam as the rookie plants his full weight on Marco’s massive pecs!  HOT!  One humiliated wrestler even gets spanked over the other’s knee!  OUCH!  A spladle has one man screaming and on display!  Brutal!  Can the rookie pull off an upset?  Or will Marco notch up another win?  Get this match now and find out!