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Marco vs Animal Custom Video Series 104

Marco vs Animal Custom Video Series 104

$ 25.95

Thunder’s Arena is known for attracting some of the hottest wrestling talent around, and our newest muscle wrestler is no exception!

Fan-favourite Marco, in red trunks, is doing push-ups in the ring when he is blindsided by newcomer Animal.  Our first glimpse of this magnificent find is of his gargantuan quads as they catch the poor, unsuspecting Marco in a cheap-shot standing head scissor!  As Marco learns first-hand of the power in those legs, the camera slowly pans up, taking in every inch of Animal’s superbly muscled body from his flaring quads to his pumped pecs and insane traps!  And his arms!  Dropping to the side, Animal keeps the scissor locked on, demanding that Marco taps out.  “I’m not tapping to you!”  “You’ll pass out then.”  Animal has a vicious streak!  Marco tries to prise the massive legs apart, but they are too powerful – Animal tightens the scissors and Marco weakly slaps the mat.  He hasn’t even laid eyes on his opponent yet!  Animal releases the hold and springs up, ready to inflict more pain!

Animal is pumped, his awesome muscle gleaming with sweat as the two men lock up.  Animal pulls Marco into a headlock, crushing his head against his rock hard pecs, before taking them down to the mat and releasing the hold, only to snake his humongous (seriously, you have to see them!) quads around Marco’s midsection in a PULVERISING BODY-SCISSORS!  Marco is fighting for breath as his ribs are crushed inwards!  The Animal releases his prey and springs up.  The two lock up again and Animal pulls Marco into a bearhug!  The sweat is literally dripping off of Animal as he lifts Marco off the canvas, his forearms grinding into Marco’s lower back!  Animal’s lats are so wide you could watch a movie on them!  Marco is thrown to the canvas as Animal flexes above him – has Marco ever encountered power like this?!  Has anyone?!

Another headlock and Animal draws Marco into his thighs once more!  “No, not the legs!” “Yeah, these are the BIGGEST QUADS you’ve ever seen!”  Marco cries out in agony as his rib cage buckles under the pressure!  Animal is loving every second as he converts to a head scissors, his quads flaring out on either side of Marco’s head!  Can Marco escape the crushing prison and turn the tables on the muscled rookie?

This match is a MUST for any fan of crushing, squeezing action – Animal is an awesome addition to the Thunder’s Arena roster and this match is guaranteed to wear out your Pause button!