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Marco vs Archer - Custom Video Series 20

Marco vs Archer - Custom Video Series 20

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

The guys are poolside, comparing physiques, tattoos, and wrestling credentials. Archer brags that he won the Jr. Olympics with a 6/0 record, while Marco's impressive record at Thunders Arena speaks for itself. They lock-up and Marco quickly grabs Archer's knee and takes him down, climbing on top of him with his legs wrapped around Archer's torso. After a rib-crushing squeeze, Marco relents, and the two lock-up again. Marco once again asserts dominance, choking Archer, then dropping him to the mat, only to lift him up and begin doing arm curls with his prone body. Archer's had enough humiliation, and reverses, curling Marco.

They lock-up again, and Archer puts Marco in a tight headlock, wrapping his legs around Marco's torso- this kid learns fast. He transitions into a rear naked choke hold, but Marco powers out, climbing on top of Archer. They tussle and scramble to their feet. Archer immediately puts a bear hug on Marco from behind. They negotiate the next move, and Marco puts Archer on his back as requested- then drops Archer on his butt and wraps him up in a tight cradle.

Archer struggles to wrap his legs around Marco, and manages to clamp on a rear naked choke...they roll around in this vice-grip, Marco's arms around Archer's waist, Archer's legs around Marco's torso.

Suddenly bodybuilder Vein arrives poolside, to get some sun and do some posing...he's an irritating distraction to the guys, and before they have a chance to get rid of the musclebound meathead, he clotheslines them backward into the pool. The wrestlers scramble out of the chilly water, only to be clotheslined back into the pool again. They threaten revenge, of course...and the Grudge Match Series is ON!


Later that night-

Marco and Archer are back at it, and lock-up again. Archer's on top of Marco,with a rear naked choke, legs wrapped around, to wear the dynamo down. But Marco maneuvers onto Archer's back, and splits his legs wide apart. In a show of strength, Marco powers Archer into position for a devastating piledriver, but relents.. He wants to teach Archer a lesson once and for all...they lock-up again. You gotta give it to these guys, this is some seriously legit, and impressive, amateur wrestling they bring to Thunders Arena. Marco works Archer's elbow, and gets him on his back, lifts him up by his ankles and spins him around, off the mat. Amazingly, Archer recovers and clamps a full nelson on Marco, driving the arrogant stud to his knees. Archer rides Marco, keeping his choke hold tightly applied. Marco retaliates with a front face lock on Archer, who's on his knees, and choking under the pressure. With Archer weakening, Marco gets him in a cradle. But Archer explodes out, and drives Marco to the wall for a brutal gut bash. When Marco tries to escape, Archer drives him into a pillar for more ab punishment.

Not to be abused, Marco picks up Archer and drops him over his knee in a backbreaker, and proceeds to elbow Archer's abs. But Archer drives Marco back to the wall for more punching to that ripped 6-pack, til he's pushed down to the mat. Pulling out some martial arts skillz, Archer lands a kick to Marco's gut, then climbs on his back to apply a choke, then full nelson, then torturous shoulder stretch on Marco. Archer grabs Marco's ankles and surprised him with a perfectly executed Boston Crab. Marco's really in pain now...

They lock- up yet again, and Marco grabs Archer's ankle to drop him to the mat, rubbing his foot in Archer's face. Hanging onto that ankle, Marco twists Archer into a bodywrecking pretzel, topped off with a sadistic crotch split.

Luckily for Archer, TAK arrives on the scene, to watch and taunt the combattants.

Taking a break, Marco and Archer challenge each other to arm wrestling, with TAK as referee and audience. It's completely unorthodox arm wrestling however, and quickly disintegrates into another lock-up. With elbows locked, the guys swing each other in a dizzying circle. Marco grabs Archer's ankle and takes him to the mat once again, displaying his amateur background. The lock-up and with Archer driven to his knees, Marco climbs on his back. Archer tries to roll out, but Marco puts him in an excruciating spladle...then suddenly Archer gets an arm bar on Marco.

Defensively, Marco throws his legs around Archer, but Archer just cranks that painful arm bar. Marco wraps his legs around Archer's chest and applies crushing pressure.

The lock-up again, and Archer works on Marco's abs, dropping him to his knees, breathless. Archer seizes his advantage and climbs on Marco's back, legs around his waist, choke hold firmly applied. Marco powers out, and grabs Archer's ankle to knock him off balance, then delivers a solid kick to the gut. Archer wrestles Marco to the mat but both guys are getting tired. They flex and compare biceps, the lock-up one last time.

Archer rides Marco, but in spectacular move, Marco flips backward over Archer and instantly locks in his rear naked choke hold, legs locked around Archer's body...and puts Archer out cold on the mat.

A superb match, with lots of back and forth, some terrific amateur wrestling on display.