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Marco Archer lift carry thighs abs pecs

Marco vs Archer - No Holds Barred 45

$ 22.99
$ 31.25

Marco and Archer are sitting on the couch, reading reviews of their previous match which was interrupted by Vein. Marco reads several fan responses saying there should have been more pro moves, to which he sneers, he prefers, "real wrestling". Archer suggests that they have a rematch to show the fans that they can do pro moves and the two take the action to the mat. Marco almost immediately goes on the offensive, getting Archer into a gorilla press, but not content to be made to look weak, takes a cheap shot and smacks Marco squarely in the nuts, bringing him to the mat. Archer climbs on top of the credenza as if it were the ropes in a pro ring and sails off, smashes Marco to the mat with an elbow. Another elbow to the back and the wind is knocked out of Marco. Archer seizes the opportunity and climbs to the "top rope" once again and comes crashing back down on his foe, who taunts him, "that's all you got?" Archer knees Marco in the chest as he attempts to regain his footing and pushes him back to the credenza, administering a crushing ball claw. Marco regains his strength and grabs Archer's throat in his powerful hands, lifting him off the ground and parading him around while Archer's face turns red... purple... blue. Marco relents and throws his nearly unconscious opponent over his shoulder in a fireman's carry and then an upside down bearhug before dumping Archer on the mat and climbing on top for a series of elbows and gut punches. Marco returns to his feet and flexes, showing off his amazing physique over Archer, who slowly regains his footing. Archer attempts to take the offensive, but is thwarted and finds himself once again in an upside down bearhug where his futile attempts to break free result in stripping Marco's gym shorts down around his ankles, exposing the bright yellow posing trunks. Marco baby carries Archer then punishes him with an over-the-knee back breaker and gut wrenching ball claw before dumping his agonizing foe to the mat again. Archer springs into action and throws Marco to the ground, his back against the furniture that served as the "ropes" earlier. Archer unleashes a barrage of gut punches and one final knee to the chest, but Marc grabs Archer's leg and gains the upper hand. He lifts Archer onto his shoulder then stands him on the "top rope" like a toy action figure before perching himself atop the furniture as well. Marco picks Archer up and jumps, slamming him to the mat in a bone jarring move. Archer manages to gain the advantage and puts Marco in a headlock, rolls him to his stomach and then pulls both arms behind his back in a brutal surfboard. "I'll go deeper! I'll break your arms", Archer growls at Marco before moving into a choke and then a sleeper. Marco slowly falls unconscious and Archer avails himself of the opportunity to gloat, flexing over his unconscious opponent. Archer decides he isn't done and wakes Marco up in the worst way, a dirty move ball tap that will make your stomach hurt just watching. Marco jumps to his feet, but is thwarted by Archer who choke lifts him before dropping him back to the mat. Marco stumbles and falls onto the couch, where Archer gut punches and ball claws mercilessly before throwing him to the mat. Marco returns the favor and gut punches and knees Archer, sending him to the couch where the plush leather is a stark contrast to the brutal gut punching being administered. Marco mocks Archer, saying he has "baby abs" and in a final act of humiliation, drags Archer off the couch by his crotch but Archer plants a heel squarely in Marco's groin and both writhe in agony on the mat. Marco regains his composure first and drops an elbow in Archer's back, applies a vicious choke hold, keeps up his assault on Archer's crotch and demands that Archer tell him that he's a "good wrestler". Archer gives and the two return to their feet. But it's short lived as Marco gets Archer into a crucifix, then an upside down bearhug and an attempt at a pile driver. Archer traps Marco in a head scissors for a bit before smearing his face with a forearm and eventually his signature move, the bow and arrow. Marco returns the assault with a head scissors of his own and then a schoolboy and humiliating tea bagging. Thinking he has won from sheer humiliation, Marco relents and gets up, turning his back to Archer. But Archer has one last "off the top rope" jump and knocks Marco to the mat once again. Who will win this dirty move marathon?