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Marco bearhugs Bager at Thunders Arena Wrestling

Marco vs Bager - Battlespace 100

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

“You come in here all headstrong to take on the King of Thunder’s?”

It’s a rite of passage at Thunder’s Arena – if you want to make a name for yourself, you’ve gotta get through a match with Marco.  Marco, superstar wrestler who loves nothing more than to tear rookies apart and send them home in pieces!  Today Bager, one of our newest recruits, is stepping up to the mat to see if he’s got what it takes!

Bager is all smiles, eager to take Marco down a peg or five.  He starts in strong, going for a single leg takedown, but Marco isn’t going to fall for that – Bager finds himself facedown on the mat with Marco’s knee digging into his spine!  Marco humiliates the rookie musclehunk, planting his foot on the back of Bager’s head and making him kiss mat!  Bager gets free, but Marco pounces!  Bager starts laughing, which is like a red rag to Marco’s bull – the sadistic superstar starts pounding his abs, driving fist after fist into Bager’s midsection.  Bager curls up in pain, but Marco just starts kicking him!  Bager manages to get to his feet and the two lock up – Marco keeps talking trash, working his psych tactics and getting under the skin of Bager.  He wraps his POWERFUL legs around Bager’s head, suffocating him with his quads!  Suddenly Bager has had enough – the laughter is gone, replaced with newfound aggressive streak.  But it’s still not enough as he finds himself turned over in Marco’s Boston Crab!  Marco sinks his world-famous glutes into Bager’s lower back, cinching the hold in tight!  Bager screams out as Marco warps his spine!  Marco tells the rookie to “get the hell outta here”, but Bager refuses – he’s not ready to throw in the towel yet, and Marco is happy to oblige!

Marco works Bager into an Over the Knee Backbreaker, peppering his abs with shots for good measure.  Bager is in trouble as he desperately looks for an opening, a chink in Marco’s armour!  Marco clamps his quads on either side of Bager’s face, crushing the rookie’s head between his powerful pillars!  Finally Bager spots an opening, and grabs Marco’s leg in an ankle lock!  “Aaaggghhh – where did you learn this?!”  Marco manages to escape, and traps Bager in his signature Schoolboy Pin!  Marco is all over the rookie, trapping his face under his arm for a Dragon Sleeper!  Another lock up and Bager manages to get the advantage, taking Marco to the mat for a headscissor of his own!  Marco tries to prise Bager’s legs apart, but to no avail – Bager adds an arm bar, but Marco knows how to escape that!  Marco grabs Bager’s legs, folding him up for a pin, but Bager reverses and plants his ass high Marco’s chest!  Then Bager turns to his soccer skills, penalty kicking Marco’s body HARD!  Bager keeps up his attack, folding Marco in two with a combination Crab and Chinlock!  Marco is defiant – “You’re going to regret this!”  Bager slaps a cradle pin on Marco, trapping the heel!  Bager lets him out, only to slap on another TIGHT headscissor!  A textbook Camel Clutch, a bow & arrow and much more!

Bager is determined to make a name for himself – can he defeat the self-proclaimed “King of Thunder’s”?  Or will Marco leave another destroyed rookie on the mat?