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Marco Beast bearhug lift carry thighs arms

Marco vs Beast - No Holds Barred 73

$ 16.99
$ 25.95

Beast is a recent addition to the Thunder’s stable, but he’s already made quite a name for himself among the wrestlers, garnering both fear and admiration!  Whether in the ring or on the mats, Beast has so far lived up to his name, savaging his opponents!  Today he meets Marco, a veteran of Thunder’s Arena, who takes on all comers, no matter their size or skill – and he’s no stranger to doing whatever he has to do to win!

Beast and Marco meet on the mats outside in the grounds of the Arena!  Seeing these two circling each other, you know this is going to be a classic!  The two men lock up and Beast right away shows his skill and power, lifting Marco and taking him to the mat into an arm lock, his massive pecs pressing down hard on Marco’s chest!  Marco uses his free arm to batter the exposed ribs of Beast, forcing the muscle hunk to release him.  They stand and lock up again, this time Marco getting a full nelson on the behemoth!  Beast powers out and sends Marco to the mat, keeping him there with just a hand to the back of Marco’s head – humiliating!  Beast eventually let’s Marco up, flexing his massive arms before locking up again.  Marco goes for a single-leg takedown, but Beast somehow reverses it and Marco finds himself underneath the hulking wrestler!  Beast drags Marco up and into an incredible bearhug, Marco desperately pushing on Beasts rock-hard pecs to try and ease the pressure!  Marco manages to turn in the hold, but Beast just lifts and slams him down, raining forearm blows down on Marco’s back.  In utter desperation, Marco grabs Beast’s bulge, crushing and squeezing for all he’s worth!  Beast sinks to the mat on his back as Marco grabs both legs and grinds down with his foot, further increasing the below-the-belt agony!

Beast manages to get his legs around Marco’s head for a figure-four headscissors, but again Marco goes for the ball claw to force his release!  Marco has found the Beast’s weakness and boy, is he going to use it!  Marco lands a kick to the thick pecs of Beast, following up with a blow to the shoulder, but Beast manages to hip toss the veteran to the mat!  Grabbing both arms, Beast stretches out Marco’s chest, his manhood far out of Marco’s reach!  Beast release the hold and quickly clamps on one of the tightest choke holds you will ever see – Marco is fading as Beast drops the arm…1…2…NO!  The devious Marco was playing possum, again going for the crotch!  This is how Marco can win this – with guile and well-timed dirty moves!  After all, it is No Holds Barred!  A twisting arm punch on Marco has him in pain as Beast takes him down into a wrenching choke!  Marco’s gym-honed body is on full display as he suffers in the devastating hold!  This time, there is no pretence as Beast chokes Marco the clean out!

Marco comes to and the first thing he sees is Beasts hulking form towering over him.  “What the f*** happened?” “You just got your ass kicked!” “No, this match isn’t over” The match continues, Beast incredulous that Marco wants more, but more than willing to give it.  Marco has plenty of tricks to call on though, and he’s not exactly a slouch in the skill department either!  Leg takedowns, hair pulling, hammer locks, headscissors, stomps, bearhugs, forearms blows and yes, plenty more ball claws!  Even a picture-perfect TEST OF STRENGTH!  Fans of pec bouncing will be in heaven as Beast puts on a show to intimidate Marco!  Can Marco call on his experience and skill to pull off a victory against the Beast?  Or will Beast prove too big and powerful for Marco to handle?  Get this match now to see which satisfied wrestler leaves with the win and which is left face down on the mat!